Alternative Natural Uses For Household Vinegar

Vinegar has been an essential element in cooking. From the old times up to this very moment, the importance of vinegar in household, restaurants, fast food, and other food establishments, has never changed over time. Truly, vinegar is, and will always be part of culinary. But did you know that the power of vinegar doesn’t stop in the food industry? This popular food condiment can also be used in so many other ways. Intrigued? Read on. Here are some of the alternative natural uses for household vinegar.

Vinegar is used for cleaning

Yes, you heard that right! Vinegar can be a great help to clean your stuff, equipment and gadgets. You can clean your computer, fax machine, printer, laptop, keyboard, and other gadget and electronic devices. You just have to mix vinegar and water, dampen the solution to a cloth and voila, you can now remove dirt from your stuff.

Vinegar is used in removing ink from your ballpoint-pen marks

Pen marks in our ballpoint can sometimes cause messy bag or pen case especially if you misplaced your pen’s cover. But with the help of vinegar, you can now remove the ink from your ballpoint-pen marks. Just get a cloth and dampen it with vinegar and apply it to the ballpoint and you are now worry free.

Scissors burnishing

Using water to clean and burnish your scissors is not a good idea. Hence, it will make your scissors more grimy and sticky. So instead of using water, you can use vinegar in burnishing your scissors to remove dust and stains from it.

Cleaning window blinds

Just like a simple natural weed killer recipe, vinegar is also a good killer of dirt in your window blinds. Now, through the help of vinegar, you can easily get rid of dirt you’ve been trying hard to remove with water and soap before.