Clever Tips To Use Your Drill Press To The Fullest

Any jobs require perseverance and organization. Materials needed is necessary to be provided in order to result to productivity. In woodworking industry, a simple machine like a drill press have a big role to workers which will make them to be unfruitful when lacking this one. The drill press might seem plain and simple to you but many people have come up with several clever ways to use this tool to its full potential.

  1. Set a perfect perpendicularity to drill press table.

To have the drill press drill perfect straight holes, align the drill press table perpendicular to the spine. Make a 14 inches steel rod bend in 30 degree and cut it. The length should be able to reach the outer edges of the table. Chuck in the rod and turn it in the way that the end of the rod is align toward the edge of the table. Raise and lock the table just enough when the rod touches the surface. If the rod doesn’t touches equally both of the edges, adjust the tilt of the table. When you have lock the nut of tilt adjustment, make sure to not adjust it again.

  1. Adjusting the belt tension for vibration.

If the drill press vibrates excessively, it is advisable to check the belt tension. Your finger should be deflect the belt not more than 12 inches between the pulleys. In order to be able to adjust the tension, loose the lock of the motor, move the engine backward or forward, then secure the lock once again.

There are many other clever ways to use the drill press to the fullest. If you are interested to see our review of the best drill press in 2019, better check out this site