4 Best Tips To Achieve Business Leads From Twitter Followers

Do you know 94% Twitter users plan to purchase from businesses followed on Twitter? Yes, Twitter is an excellent medium to achieve business leads. But first things first, when you are planning to advertise your brand on Twitter, you must create a business profile. In other words, your personal profile would not do here. The post below offers some tips on how to generate leads through your Twitter followers.

Professional bio is a must

You must come up with a professional bio for your Twitter business profile. Write a compact and crisp description that can highlight your brand in a positive light. The other things to include here are:

  • Link to the latest or best content from/about your brand
  • Link to email newsletter
  • A visible CTA that can take to a fantastic offer
  • Hashtags relevant to your brand

Buy targeted followers

It’s not possible for new Twitter profiles to achieve hundreds of followers organically in 1 week. For that, it’s smarter to buy Twitter followers. There are various companies that offer at least 500 followers instantly. So, pop over to these guys and also make sure they are ready to give you “targeted” followers. This way, you can be assured you are only getting followers who are actually interested in your business/product/service.

Count on live videos

Textual posts are no doubt great but live videos deliver winning results. 67% viewers purchase tickets for events after checking live videos of similar events. 80% social media users prefer to watch live videos over other media contents. As per Twitter’s reports, live videos garner 3 times more retweets than GIFs as well as 6 times more than images.

Engage with followers

Your task does not end with garnering a long list of targeted followers. You have to engage with them regularly to build a rapport which might eventually lead to conversions.