Convert Videos For Ipad

iPad system generates or produces a MOV video file format but most iPad can also support or read MP4 video file formats. In case there is a file or movie that you want to convert for you to watch on your iPad there are several ways you can do, to successfully convert it to a format that your iPad can support.

You can follow the steps below.

  1. Prepare your laptop or computer

Apple app store doesn’t allow too much app developers for its device safety. Therefore, it is hard to find an application that can convert your videos for free. So, prepare your laptop or computer if you are a MAC user it is automatic to find iTunes on your laptop or computer if not, you can go to iTunes website and download it there to be able to transfer the files that you will convert.

  1. Download and Install

Most commonly used applications for converting videos for iPad is the Movavi Video Converter but you can also use apps like AVS and YTD Converter. You just need to look for their installer through your browser then you can start downloading and installing it.

  1. Pick your File

After successfully installing the converter, go to “source” and look for the video file that you want to convert. Make sure that the file is already on your computer or else you won’t be able to find it.

  1. Pick the Format

After picking your file, your converter may ask you automatically to pick the format that you want your file to be converted to. You can choose MOV file format or MP4 which is both supported on an iPad. You may also be asked to pick the file destination but if not, it means that your converted file will be saved automatically to the same folder where the original video file was saved.

  1. Transfer

After the conversion, you can now transfer your file from computer or laptop to your iPad through the iTunes application while your data cable is connecting the two devices.