3 Most Important Industrial Woodwork Machineries

The world of woodwork machineries is large and varied. It ranges from simple tools for basic carpentry to complex machines for commercial use. When it comes to woodwork for industrial purposes, there is a separate niche of woodwork machinery especially for industrial uses. If you are looking to start a woodwork workshop, you must get acquainted with the must-have equipments in your premise. The post below offers a brief on the major industrial woodwork machineries.

Table saws

One of the most significant of all industrial woodwork machineries, table saws are comprised of customized arbors fitted with motors. These machines also carry a fence, blade as well as flat table- and hence the name “table saw”. The main function of a table saw is cross-cutting and ripping wood boards.


These woodwork machines are used to straighten and flatten wood board edges. They are mostly used in industries to smoothen out the bottom of wooden boards to help them move easily through planers. A jointer comes with a movable infeed table. You will also find jointers embedded with spinning heads and outfeed tables. In most of the cases, these spinning heads are fitted with knives.


Shapers are needed to give shape to wood. They are mostly used along cutters and utilized for designing accents for wooden furniture.

Tips to buy industrial woodwork machinery

Do you need to buy industrial woodwork machinery for your workshop? Well, first you should determine which of the machineries you would actually need. Check out your range of orders, machinery operation expertise of your works and immediate machinery needs. These industrial machineries are fairly expensive. So, don’t waste money on those that you won’t need in near future. Besides, it would also be wiser to buy used woodwork machinery as they are more economical than the new ones. Just make sure the pre-owned machinery is in perfect working condition.