3 Things To Consider Before Getting Into Online Gaming

Online gaming has become one of the hottest trends in this digital age. It’s an ideal past time and a great way to bond over with friends and family. It can even be a form of social media wherein you meet different players around the world.

But before you dive into the world of online gaming, there are several things you should know such as the right internet speed, the ratings for the games you or your kids should play and the different gaming consoles to use. These are important factors to make your online gaming experience all worth it.

Internet Speed

Online gaming relies on your internet speed. The faster your internet speed is, the better your gameplay is going to be. Otherwise you’ll just end up getting frustrated at the lag and buffering of your games making you irritated.

For a minimum requirement of the ideal internet speed, you must consider three things: download, upload and ping rates. For a single player who is the only one using the internet connection, download speed must be at least 3Mbps. Upload speed should be at least 1 Mbps. For a ping rate, it should give you at least under 150 ms.

Do note that if you have multiple players using the same connection, you must have your internet service provider increase your internet speed. The cost for a higher internet speed rises as well so make sure to calculate first and setting a budget.


Online gaming is for everyone. The only thing it differs is if it’s appropriate for the player’s age. For instance, kids are likely to be monitored by their parents whenever they play games online. To help ease their worries, parents or guardians should check the game’s rating so they’ll know whether their child can handle the game or not.

Gaming Consoles

Online games can be played via your PCs, mobile devices or gaming consoles such as Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation and the like.

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