A Guide For Those Who Want To Start A Heat Press Business

Transferring designs and patterns on T shirts has never been easier. You can get any design that you want on your T shirts and that too in a matter of minutes. The demand of T Shirts, bags or Jacket such produced is very high in the market. You can check the heat transfer vinyl reviews online and see for yourself how many people are digging this! You can start a business in Heat Press and here is a guide that will help you with that:

Step 1- Selecting the printing method

There are following possible methods which you can try:

  1. Traditional Heat Transfer Method:

It involves using a heat press that transfers an image to the cloth. These work best on white T shirts. On darker clothes, the colors will not be accurate.

  1. Vinyl Method:

This option can use multiple colors to produce high quality prints. It requires a vinyl cutter to conveniently cut the design and you can press it using heat press.

  1. Sublimation method:

Ideal for colored synthetic surfaces. It prints the ink under the heat.

Step 2- Getting the heat transfer equipment

The press is the most important part of heat transfer process. A good quality press ensures a good quality transfer in terms of color and clarity. It is recommended to use clamshell models if you are a beginner.

Step 3- Get a T shirt supplier

Tie a deal with a trusted manufacturer and make sure that the distributor is established. You can also produce your own T Shirts. Just get good quality cloth and sew it or get it sewed by properly in the best way possible.

These are three steps are the absolutely necessary steps for anyone who wants to get into Heat press industry.