Animated Lyric Videos Are Cheaper Alternative to Music Videos

Animated lyric videos aren’t new. They gained fame with the karaoke crowd wanting to get their YouTube alternative. It’s a practical approach. But bands and solo artists are also choosing this trend. We now see famous artists using this format. It is entertaining. But first, let’s take them apart.

There are YouTube uploads that are lyric videos without the aid of visuals. Fans can sing along with the video through the screen lyrics, and there are lyric videos with graphics. The artists decided not to shoot videos because it could be due to personal reasons. But I suspect one of them is time. They want the song out ahead of the video shoot. Thus, this will provide fans a peek into their single without making it as the ‘official’ music video.

Lyric videos without visuals

Lyrics flash on the screen with the song. These come with a favorite font called Arial. The words are easy to read. So fans can sing along. Thus, this is also the format of songs in the karaoke version.

Lyric Videos with Visuals or Graphics

The uploader or director prefer to shoot a sequence along with the lyrics. There are even bands who chose this for aesthetic reasons. They can shoot lyric videos with animation or for boosting the image of the group. There are even lyric video styles with pointers jumping on the words. So viewers can follow every syllable that the artist sings about. This format is popular with the new generation of audience. Still, there are those who call themselves ’purists’ who prefer traditional music videos.


Animated lyric videos are fun. They also serve as a guide. They help you learn the lyrics. It looks like they are going to stay around for a long time. Now you can sing to your preferred songs karaoke style!