Awesome Facts About Grand Theft Auto

The action and adventure video game Grand Theft Auto was created by David Jones and Mike Dailly. The latest iteration released of Grand Theft Auto is the fifth version. Being such a popular gaming series the android version of this game is prepared namely GTA 5 Android. These few things that are forgotten by GTA fans are worth reminding:

  1. The Swing Glitch (GTA IV): The slingshot effect awarded for hurdling the car towards a corner of the map.
  2. The Hidden Interior Universe: The interiors that were featured in the city San Andreas that could be accessed phasing through the ceiling where jetpacks are kept.
  3. Mount Gordo’s Ghost: This ghost is seen only during certain hours of the night.
  4. Site showing Useful Items: The various websites accessible in game out of which one reveals hotspots.
  5. Sending hunting images for a unique response: You can send the hunting photos to your phone contacts.
  6. Attacking Michael: Michael will call you angrily here inquiring about your behavior.
  7. Sign Foreshadowing setting of next game: The hint of showing sequel Miami.
  8. Tracking down by police: The police will flag you in case you enter some restricted sites.
  9. Monster Mystery: Among all the stories behind all the Easter eggs, case of Infinity Killer was most interesting.
  10. A literal Easter egg: The secrets to Vice City lifts up to another one and this time to Easter egg.
  11. Shoot the Moon: This would actually change the size of the moon.
  12. Scooter Brother Scene: A simple video made by a GTA fan added in GTA V.
  13. Porter Tunnel: It allowed entering a whole new area before one was even supposed to access.
  14. Hidden Minigame: Another unknown secret in Vice City.
  15. Stealing Fighter Plane: It could simply attain you great fighter place without any strike in the record.
  16. Buying tickets at the Airport: You can also buy tickets to travel to different areas of the world.
  17. Rockstar Video game in a Rockstar video game: This sheer audacity is worth a mention.
  18. Existence of Bigfoot: And that’s one of the enduring secrets of GTA.
  19. Heart of Liberty City: This is equally scary and thrilling.
  20. Ghost Town: A pretty cool section of map showcasing shortcuts.
  21. Mount Chiliad Mystery: One of the most unresolved histories of that time.

And these awesome Things are worth noticing in the Grand Theft.