Best Online Games Playable In Your Browser

Free online games always excite everyone. Aside from being free, it takes gamer to a different level and experience in terms of gameplay and sometimes having a nostalgic effect. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best online games released for free.

Doom 1. Who could forget Doom and its brutal gameplay. You can now play it through your web brower. The controls are still the same. Heck, even the cheat code still works. It’s still (arguably) one of the best First Person Shooter (FPS) game ever made. Another good game and funny one is Brawlin’ Sailor. A hilarious short game with funny twist in the end. Be sure to play the game till the end. You’ll surely love and laugh about it.

Feeling antagonist? Play Pandemic 2 and get the chance to destroy every continent or country you get your hands upon. This is your chance to create a deadly virus and spread it like there’s no tomorrow then watch the news unfold. Another good game to try is Escape Goat. If you’ll take the title literally, well, you get the chance to play as a Goat trying to escape the dungeon by solving puzzles.

Another browser game to try is One Chance. You got only one chance to play the game to see the ending as the end near its toll in 6 days. One Chance uses cookies so you can’t replay the game after. It’s an interactive game, a unique one especially it’s a browser game. Feeling lucky? Go try Vegas99bet, an online casino with different game modes such as lottery, poker and many more. With large sum of prices awaits the lucky winner. It has an online betting system where you can try your luck by betting your favorite team to win.