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  1. muax added a question in Pixel Privateers Bug Reporting   

    Bug for inf. Matter
    Dear dev's , or anyone else 
    I found a little bug , I had a precise needler in my inventory , later had one (the same) in my item research inventory , researched it , desintegarated one of them , no info pop up window with the stats and so on showed up for the 2. , was able to desintgerate it infinitelly. 
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  2. tehwoodchuck added an answer to a question FPS bug   

    This is EXACTLY the same issue I'm having.
    The game was flawless through the opening menus and the tutorial, but once I got through the wormhole, FPS dropped to less than 1 FPS and the interface is extremely laggy.
    Disabling all video eye-candy does nothing. Window vs. Fullscreen and changing resolution makes no difference.
  3. Norek added a question in Pixel Privateers Bug Reporting   

    Little bug list
    I couldn't find where to post bugs without necessarily looking for an answer (this forum section is specifically "ask a question") so here we are, if somewhere else is better please let me know!
    -First off IDK if this is a bug, or design, but my medic has 95% dodge... take this along with the perk that light armor units can dodge ranged attacks, and give your medic a good tank to take agro when needed, and I could probably 2 man the game. Seems a bit odd. The one boss where you are fighting a giant machine with constantly spawning flying units, I had no idea what was going on and eventually got overwhelmed (was on +7 difficulty) so my engineer, scout, and marine died and were unrezable? not sure why, I rezed them a few times and then they just weren't anymore... anyways, my medic and vanguard just soloed the rest of the encounter because of that dodge rate, medic would take damage but be able to heal through 4 flying units blasting him (barely sometimes) while he shot the core.
    -Second, I haven't tested this with normal stealth, but after obtaining the perk that scouts stealth effects all units, I could stealth my team, get into position and have them all attack, but for some reason the scout would not decloak when I ordered the attack, even if I selected him specifically and right clicked an enemy he would just stand there until I manually decloaked him.
    -Entering your ships build mode, when you come back out your units order will be shuffled from however you had set them up.
    -Ship defenses do not get returned to your inventory when you change ships. All your rooms do, but any guns/mines etc do not. Not sure if this is by design or not, but seems like an odd design since we get rooms back.
    -Ship defenses are irremovable, same with rooms. This can be frustrating as you can't always tell what defense or room you have set up. Need a way to remove them, and to get a tool tip for defenses and rooms currently placed, so you know what bonuses they are or if you want to replace a turret with a stronger one. (Newer players, myself included, don't always remember what room does what, so can't remember what bonuses I have. That being said there is no listing in the general UI to show what rooms we have on our ships and their perks)
    Now a few little tooltip oddities. (minor bugs?)
    -Tech Tier 4, Medic, Combat Recovery Field. "to mend his moves in before resuming combat" odd translation perhaps? IDK what primary language the dev team is, but the word "moves" seems to be a typo or something.
    -Marines, first Major Tech, Isochronous Momentum. The "transfer" seems much much longer than 3 seconds, I've done a fair bit of running around and been able to use my special attack again.
    -Tooltips when in the training tab are a bit wonky. You get a tooltip for mousing over the stat name, the stat number, and the + button, but NOT the - button when removing a point and not yet confirmed the changes. IMO should get a tooltip mousing over any part of bar [Strength       -     +          ##] helpful when making decisions based on stat changes. Also currently once you spend all your points (before confirming) the + button greys out, and you lose your tooltip, another good reason to have it always show mousing over any part of the bar!
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  4. Xalveris added an answer to a question When Bulbous Protrusion eats the highlighted unit, the rest of the selected squad stops attacking   

    Having trouble posting, which causes double posts, see my thread here:
  5. Xalveris added an answer to a question When Bulbous Protrusion eats the highlighted unit, the rest of the selected squad stops attacking   

    I had this same issue. I think it's because with multiple squad members selected, it just tells them to all do the same thing as the highlighted member. Therefore, when the leader is stuck, the rest of the squad gets stuck to. I've also had this happen with other types of stuns, where stunning the highlighted unit just freezes the whole group.
  6. Xalveris added a question in General Questions and Assistance   

    Fatal error when I try to post (still posts though)
    Whenever I try to post a new thread to one the tab loads for 30+ seconds and then I get the following error in an otherwise completely white window:
    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\htdocs\forum\system\Email\Outgoing\Php.php on line 35
    It seems to add the post to the forum just fine, but I have to reopen the forum in a new browser tab. I don't want to try reloading as it will probably result in a double-post and give me the error again.
    I'm using Google Chrome, if that makes a difference.
    I get a similar issue when I try to reply to a thread, where it again loads for 30+ seconds, but then goes back like it did nothing, with no error. It still posts just fine though, as I discovered on this thread (there's three posts if someone hasn't fixed it yet):
    Editing posts works just fine.
    Edited to add a screenshot from when I posed this very issue:

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  7. EverThingy added an answer to a question Game making my PC restart   

    Hey GalactusBrasil, welcome to the Quadro Delta forum! I see you already uploaded your output log file. Could you please send this over to the developers, you can send a bug report explaining your issue again at 
  8. GalactusBrasil added a question in Pixel Privateers Bug Reporting   

    Game making my PC restart
    Well, i've bought the game yesterday, downloaded and started playing, but eventually my PC restarts and when i open the game again the same thing happens after a time.
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  9. Superza added a topic in Pixel Privateers Feedback & Suggestions   

    What about the Unidentified?
    -DISCLAIMER- I have not finished the game yet and have no idea if any of the things that I suggest, are already being used some where else.
    I was thinking earlier, there are multiple different alien races you can encounter when your ship is being encountered, which, by the way, I feel like those never happen later game, but since some people don't like that, don't increase it. But random ship encounters aren't what I'm hear to suggest. One of most notable is the Unidentified Aliens, which 1: I will refer to as the Unidentified. 2: I am referring to them as "unidentified because I don't know what they are called enemy wise and also because that is what the encounter mission refereed to them as. Basically, I was wondering if there could be more on the Unidentified.
    Maybe they could be an ancient race, trapped inside the cores of many planets and even a star, where they can be released by some space pirates, who are looking for something to sell for a high price. Seeing some ancient tablets and scrolls saying that some unspeakable powerful thing is in the cores of those certain planets and the star. A.K.A. MONEY!!! So they go after it, release the rest unspeakable horrors. Your job would be to stop the Unidentified before they kill everybody who they think is related to their imprisonment. The Company C.E.O. could be the ones they're after.
    Or, the Unidentified could have been the side product of when the Glorious were making there "perfect" army. All of the unused "donations" were either thrown away and were formed into the Unidentified by them self's, were thrown away but they were put together that way by a scientist, or it was a failed Glorious army. Either way, they would still be able to have the name "Unidentified" since they are unidentified. Their goal wouldn't be the same as the glorious, but because of the way they are made, they have no emotion but hate, and can't be communicated with. This would leave questions about why they would be so wrathful, but they would leave hints of there reasoning behind, in forms of drawings and symbols that the Void-Seeker may be able to "translate" in a way.
    There is so much mystery and possibilities that you could make with them, and I would love it, if you can make the Unidentified a larger thing then just an uncommon encounter.
    Sincerely, Superza of the Superza Eons.
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  10. EverThingy added an answer to a question How to go to ship?   

    Hey Krashkourse, welcome to the official Quadro Delta forum. Can you re-upload the image., the link appears to be broken.
  11. EverThingy added an answer to a question Characters stuck   

    Hey Silverfisk, first of all, welcome to the official Quadro Delta forum. If it ever happens again be sure to take a screenshot. You can send us a bug report explaining your issue again at Also be sure to include the game's output log, you can output_log.txt which in C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PixelPrivateers\privateers_Data. It looks like this:

  12. krashkourse added a question in Pixel Privateers Bug Reporting   

    How to go to ship?
    so i was in NG++ and was looking for any main quest line. so after 20 planets nothing i thought lets go see if i can just fight the end boss, well I can because i can pick my starting location on the planet. so i fought him, and kill him over and over but never was able to go home. my button to go home doesnt work and exiting does nothing. if you come back in to a game you should go on ship NOT on to the END boss or the planet you were on... I find that being stuck farming the end boss is nice and all but if i cant go home what good is all this loot?
    as you can see the home button is not lit up

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  13. Angel9001 added a post in a topic List of QoL improvements   

    This is allso what i would call a QoL improvment
    1. when storting items it would be nice if it kept it sorted that way not haveing to click it multible times after swaping out item
    when i sort by dmg for exampel.. i would allways want the top dmg wep to be on top. so when I swap out a wep on 1 of my crew the list would still be storted, not like its now where when u swap an item it just replaces the place in the list..
    this way its faster to check all crew members if they are kitted with ur "best" items
    2. Not sure what determens the crews sorting but It seem to just randomly swap positions on them every now and then... It would be nice if this did not happen or have an option where I can turn of crew storting so they stay in the same order that I put them in.
    beside that so far the game is realy enjoyeble and the team has done a great job well worth the wait..
  14. Silverfisk added a topic in Pixel Privateers Feedback & Suggestions   

    Maybe add more levels of difficulty?
    Thanks for a great game. Having lots of fun!
    I have played for a few hours now (nearing completion of wormhole, one quest left) and I am doing most quests on highest difficulty with 6 characters (lvl 35).
    Would have liked for there to be a higher roof so as too look forward to. 
    Maybe I am just a bit early in the game and it will get much more difficult?
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  15. Silverfisk added a question in Pixel Privateers Bug Reporting   

    Characters stuck
    Only happened once.
    At a quest upon completion, all characters where stuck in a "heap", unable to move. UI was not frozen so could teleport to ship and back again.
    When clicking elsewhere on map for characters to move there, blue targets for moving where visible, but characters unresponsive.
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  16. Silverfisk added a question in Pixel Privateers Bug Reporting   

    Possible bug with upgrading equipment
    I looted an Artifact melee weapon (Avenging Ruin) with a 3500 corrosive radiation damage boost.
    I used the item to upgrade equipment 1 lvl on it.
    After upgrade all other stats and effects on the weapon had been upgraded correctly, but the corrosive radiation damage boost had been downgraded to 900ish.
    Bug or working as intended?
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  17. NinjaPirate added a topic in Pixel Privateers Game Discussion   

    My thoughts on how Pixel Privateers compares to Pixel Piracy (Part 2)
    This is my second video on Pixel Piracy.  I've gotten the basics of the gameplay but I feel like I'm missing something.
    TLDW (too long didn't watch):
    Pixel Piracy vs Pixel Privateers Comparison:
    1)I like the updated graphics from Pixel Piracy
    2) The added depth of field is good (and bad, sometimes the sprites obscure one another)
    3) Pixel Privateers has no party AI whatsoever and this seems intentional.  I'm not sure how I feel about this just yet.  If they had auto-attack/defend would the whole battles only involve a few clicks?  Is that bad?
    4) The new toned down loot is a good
    5) I'm enjoy the option to turn off the 3d UI
    6) Are there any ship battles like Pixel Piracy?  I think not.  Are there many ship customization options?
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  18. BlueSkyze added a topic in Pixel Privateers Game Discussion   

    Hey who wants the Cantina music from star wars in pixel privateers too?
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  19. Bioniclegenius added a post in a topic List of QoL improvements   

    To add to this, an option to save your landing party formation would be excellent. It's pretty annoying having to reshuffle their order to the way you want every time you create a new landing party. For instance, I always want my medics in the middle, where they can reach and heal everybody, among other member places.
  20. Bioniclegenius added a question in Pixel Privateers Bug Reporting   

    Resolution Resize not Recalculating
    One thing I've noticed is that if you resize the resolution of the game while on a mission, several resolution-ratio variables aren't getting recalculated. I lack screenshots at the moment, but this is very easily reproduceable by going into a mission and simply changing the resolution, with certain gear equipped. In my case, I was going between 3640x2160 (4k) and 2048x1152. In this instance, I had the charging armor equipped to my vanguard and a stationary turret tool equipped to my engineer. During normal play, they have an icon beneath them you may click to trigger their effect. Since the ratio variable isn't getting recalculated, if you move your view in any horizontal direction while your party is stationary, you'll see the icons drifting away from the characters, as they're trying to match a percentage of the screen where they should be, but hasn't been recalculated since the screen size changed.
    In some extreme cases of this bug, I've noticed items fail to have their text above them, but that seemed inconsistent and I wasn't sure why that part was happening.
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  21. carafuru added a topic in Pixel Privateers Feedback & Suggestions   

    found the hold position button
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  22. carafuru added a question in Pixel Privateers Bug Reporting   

    When Bulbous Protrusion eats the highlighted unit, the rest of the selected squad stops attacking
    I'm not sure how to explain this or whether it's a bug but, when I was fighting bulbous protrusion, I have all my units selected with my vanguard as the highlight (so i can use taunt etc). 
    Everytime she gets eaten, the rest of the squad would stop attacking until she is spat back out. 
    However if i select just the squad (without the vanguard), they can attack just fine. 
    I think it has something to do with if you give your squad a command to attack, and the unit you are focusing on is "eaten" , all commands are cancelled and cannot be restarted unless the highlighted unit can be controlled again(spat out), or a different unit that can act is highlighted instead.
    Hopefully that makes sense, doesn't seem to be an intended mechanic.
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  23. EverThingy added an answer to a question Fullscreen and Borderless Window reversed?   

    Today I spoke with someone who was having the same issue, so it seems like there is a small bug. If you could please sent your bug report at explaining the problem. Maybe also include the game's output log after you have opened up the settings. You can find the game's output_log.txt which you can find at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pixel Privateers\privateers_Data. It looks like this:
  24. Xalveris added a topic in Pixel Privateers Feedback & Suggestions   

    My Suggestions/Input
    So I've been playing for a bit over 5 hours (at the time of original post), and as a fan of other games such as Diablo (nice references btw :P), I'm really enjoying it, but some parts are annoying and I think they could be improved. This will probably be an ongoing list with updates when I think of more stuff. Some things might already be in the game and I just missed them or haven't gotten to them yet. I also understand that some things might be too similar to other games and might not be added to keep the game unique.
    1) Squad setup: Having your squad members be in a fixed formation set by the game is kind of annoying. I would love to see some sort of option where you could set your own formation for them to default to while running around and at the start of battle. So, instead of always having a 3-2-1 formation when you have 6 squad members, you could customize it so you could have 1-2-3 or 2-2-2 or 3-1-2 etc, as well as specify exactly where each member is. Set up before the mission, when you pick which members to take with you, and the UI could be something like a 8x6 or so grid where each member takes up 2x2 spaces, and you drag or place them in from the list instead of just adding them to a second list. Also have some save slots where you can save a formation so you don't have to place squad members in every time, and have it remember the formation you used last time.
    2) Upgrading equipment (maybe this is in the game already and I just haven't found it yet?): Possibly have to unlock this by piecing together artifacts, similar to the transmute thing. I found a person who gave an artifact-level tool as a reward for a quest at around level 5-8 (I don't remember exactly), and I was exited when I got it, but now at level 20 it's obsolete because its base stats are trash compared to what I have now, even though it had good stats at the level I found it. I would love for there to be a way to upgrade your equipment instead of just having to find new stuff, especially when it has amazing modifiers (I think it had like +40% to all damage done or something, and another really good attribute; I've since deconstructed it since it became useless, as I said before). Of course, it would cost matter (and maybe something else, maybe even a new material such as upgrade cores or something?), and have a failure chance like replicating. If you really wanted to be cruel you could have a really low chance if it backfiring and downgrading or even downright destroying the item.
    Finally found an upgrade item. They seem really rare though, so not really that useful.
    3) Multi-classing - add details later
    4) SOLO MODE - add details later, utilizes multiclass
    More to come as I think of it!
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  25. Superza added an answer to a question Crash Help plz?   

    DISCLAIMER, I'm no expert, but I'm seeing, it says "Could not allocate memory: System out of memory!" This could mean many things, but to (possibly) fix this, try flossing all other applications and/or add more RAM to you computer. If your computer is running off of 2GB of RAM, then you have a problem. If your computer is running off of 4GB of RAM, try checking your task manager application and check how much memory you are using regularly and while playing other games. If your memory usage is really high, you have a problem. If you memory usage is really low, please message @SquareZack or any other Quadro Delta moderator/associate. Ask them if they would like to see your downloaded copy of the game or save file, in case it is a software problem.