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  1. Blackblade39 added a question in Pixel Privateers Bug Reporting   

    Unable To Attack Bug
    Couple of bugs I have currently. 1. Being when you get the parasite debug and have the parasite on your head, when I have the debuff no one on my team is able to attack anymore, the only way to kill anything is have my vanguard taunt and retaliat them. 2. To get rid of the parasite debuff I used a Disposable Bioscanner and it got rid of the debuff on my bar but however the bug is still sitting on top of my guy and so he continues to not be able to attack. I also am stuck in combat because of the parasite so have no way to progress. 
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  2. EverThingy added a post in a topic Text / UI scaling for high resolution displays   

    Hey BakedZiti, thank you for the quick feedback. The UI stuff is quite tricky. NGUI wasn't friendly when trying to scale it, UI libraries in Unity are not fun things.
    The devs will look into it, but it is tricky. We do really appreciate all the feedback everyone gives.
  3. EverThingy added an answer to a question Game bug   

    Hey Drkawumm, first of all, welcome to the Quadro Delta forum. I have moved your post to the Pixel Privateer Bug Reporting section, this is a better place to post bugs/problems of the game than the general questions category. I assume you're having a problem with this game, not Pixel Piracy, is that correct? Can please provide some screenshots of the screen being upside down, or maybe even a video of the screen switching orientation when you start the tutorial or any game.
  4. savemygrave87 added a question in Pixel Privateers Questions and Assistance   

    21:9 Ultrawide Support
    I recently purchased Pixel Privateers with a friend on Steam. I have  an Acer X34 Ultrawide Monitor; initially upon starting the game it loaded up perfectly in 21:9. I selected my perks, looked at my crew, however I was having problems connecting to my friend. After restarting my game I was able to join his session however the game loaded in 16:9 with black bars and with no ultrawide resolutions in the video settings.
    I've located the config and attempted to manually changed the resolution to 3440x1440 however that didn't help.
    I'm enjoying the game so far but this is frustrating

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  5. DeathOfTime added an answer to a question Bug - heroes are not able to target anymore after unknown reason   

    only thing i can think of is a issue i have in a different game with alt+tab. if i use that to leave that particular game i can move around when i come back but targeting is iffy at best. usually i can't target anything. i found pressing tab again fixes it. i don't know if that applies to this. it is just the only time i have experienced something similar.
  6. Drkawumm added a question in Pixel Privateers Bug Reporting   

    Game bug
    Hello dominik my name i have a problem with the game when i start the tutorial or a normal game then the camera is upside down and i dont know why.
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  7. BakedZiti added a topic in Pixel Privateers Feedback & Suggestions   

    Text / UI scaling for high resolution displays
    1st day purchase of Pixel Privateers and loving it so far.  
    My suggestion is to make the text and UI scale for those with high resolution monitors.  I play on 2560x1440p and needed to downscale the resolution to comfortably read much of the text.   Right now I'm playing at 1920x1080p which is manageable, but still small.  I can only imagine how difficult a 4k display would find text right now.  Hopefully this is something that can be implemented in a patch to come so I can go back to playing at 1440p.
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  8. ArchasageOM added a question in Pixel Privateers Bug Reporting   

    Bug - heroes are not able to target anymore after unknown reason
    sadly cannot reproduce but i got stucked on movement only with the crew fightning a champion (hardcore if can help)....pratically i cannot target any enemy anymore but just move around.
    here is the clip.
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  9. Fuireze added a topic in Pixel Privateers Feedback & Suggestions   

    Selling Items
    You should be able to right click to sell your items because it takes too long and it's tedious to keep pressing the item, then sell.
    SELLING - You should also be able to sort the items in the categories by level or something, so the things that you have that are low level can already be at the bottom or something.
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  10. Spooky! added a question in Pixel Privateers Bug Reporting   

    BUG : Medic Ability Cursor Lock
    hey guys love  the game so far, worth the wait <3
    I as a player have encountered a bug when using the damage reduction ability for the medic class on my vanguard.

    When casting the ability the cursor is locked into the green healing cursor. (thus disabling me from right clicking to attack any enemy.)

    Nothing seems to remove this green cursor except flailing about and facerolling on the keyboard,endlessly reselecting privateers and casting abilities etc for a few minutes.

    Thanks guys!
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  11. Hurtwolf added a topic in Pixel Privateers Feedback & Suggestions   

    PVP / Arena feature?
    Are there any plans of adding PVP to the game? With ranking leaderboards? This may or may not have been suggested before, so..
    But Great game! Loving it so far.
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  12. DeathOfTime added a question in Pixel Privateers Bug Reporting   

    camera wonky when rts style is off?
    When RTS style camera option was turned off it respositioned my camera view to the bottom level of a elevator tower. when the camera collided with ?map walls? it would shake horribly. This was found out in multiplayer.
    i tried reproducing the issue in a newly booted instance of the game and couldn't. I believe it might be tied to stuff like elevators or ramps forcing the camera past the map edge. I have found a stage to test that idea on though.
    edit: I can't get it to do it again. i got to a stage with a elevator and it jerked slightly once when it hit the edge of the map at the bottom of the shaft. Wasn't anything near what it was when i first turned the option off. So am thinking it might just be a minor issue. Still need to test it in multiplayer though.
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  13. DeathOfTime added a question in Pixel Privateers Bug Reporting   

    cancelling a choice can't be undone
    saved a single crew member on another ship. Was given ?4? choices for the quest reward. I chose new ship and gain a crew member (last choice offered on the list). It asked me to confirm or cancel. I cancelled. It would not allow me to choose a reward after that. When I teleported back to ship I had the extra crew member. I am pretty certain I had the same ship as before the mission. Not certain which, if any, quest reward that i had gotten; from the choices offered.
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  14. Malakh added a question in Pixel Privateers Bug Reporting   

    1 FPS BUG
    My FPS has dropped to 1 as soon as I got to the screen asking who my father is.

    I powered through that and went through my first wormhole... The menu is still performing at 1 FPS.
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  15. phichikapparho added a question in Pixel Privateers Bug Reporting   

    Bug with tutorial?
    Created an account here to report this, and ill report anything else i happen to find.
    The tutorial gives you the option of disintegrating all of the items that you pick up. Which is great, but I decided that I didn't need that scout weapon since none of my chars were scouts and disintegrated said items. Shortly thereafter I was informed that to change my characters classes I needed to equip them with different weapons. And to please equip someone with a scout device....
    Now I am unsure if this is a bug, or if there was some way of either retrieving said item, or somehow purchasing another. I tried to figure it out for awhile before just writing it off as lesson learned. But I am reporting it as such.
    So far(all 15 mins or so) have been awesome. Kudos to an awesome looking game
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  16. Vitali added an answer to a question Game closes after Tutorial Loads   

    Hey Husbandrew!
    Could you check your game folder and post outputlog here?
  17. Husbandrew added a question in Pixel Privateers Bug Reporting   

    Game closes after Tutorial Loads
    Not too sure what's happening. 
    I click tutorial, I see it loading up and as soon as it completes it closes the game on me.

    Any suggestions? 
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  18. calvindwib added a post in a topic Pixel Privateers is HERE!!!   

    I have been waiting for this! 
  19. Hi11Zone added a post in a topic Pixel Privateers is HERE!!!   

    Wonderful news, lets do this!
  20. Muleskull added a question in General Questions and Assistance   

    Question about video policy
    I am a small YouTuber looking for Quadro Delta's video policy. I guess my question would be: Is there a page for it? And what is Quadro Delta's stance on video monetization?
    Thank you for your time
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  21. LadyAijou added a topic in News & Announcements   

    Pixel Privateers is HERE!!!

    Greetings, Privateers!
    The wait is finally over! Today, we officially launch Pixel Privateers, and you can obtain a copy on Steam at $14.99!!!
    This landmark occasion marks the fulfillment of more than 2 years of development work by our small team at Quadro Delta, and we are incredibly excited and proud to bring the game to you in a full 1.0 release. Over the coming days and weeks, we will be eagerly listening to your feedback and suggestions in order to best prepare the game’s first patches/updates.  Of course, fixing bugs will be our highest priority for the immediate future.
    While the launch is certainly a milestone, it is far from the end of development. Future patches will expand content and features, as well as the usual bug fixes - while incorporating user feedback and suggestions. We look forward to supporting Pixel Privateers for a long time to come!
    How can you give that feedback and/or report bugs?   Glad you asked!
    Since the game is launching straight to 1.0, we want to encourage everyone to report any issues or bugs to us via our support ticket system, JIRA.
    Alternatively, you can report to us via the Steam forums or our official forums.
    If you prefer to try to catch us in real time, our community team is ready and willing to help on our Discord server. Please note that our volunteers cannot man the server 24 hours a day, but we will assist everyone as quickly as possible. Leaving a message on Discord and setting your notifications to alert you when a response arrives will allow our team to respond to your questions or concerns as quickly and completely as possible.
    We strongly recommend these methods over posting to us on Twitter or Facebook, as our social channels are not considered outlets for technical support - plus it is easy and far more efficient to be able to look in only a few places to find all of the bugs/feedback!
    We would like to thank everyone that supported us throughout the development process, and we look forward to joining community members in game! You can find us on our Discord server if you’d like to play with members of our staff.

    Happy launch day, Privateers, and we’ll see you in space!
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  22. Hi11Zone added a post in a topic Who can't wait   

    Right around the corner, you can just taste it!
  23. Hurtwolf added a post in a topic Who can't wait   

    Today is the day!
  24. Hurtwolf added an answer to a question Terraria meet Diablo, or something else?   

    I'm so excited!
  25. EverThingy added a post in a topic Mod support   

    Exactly, it is just like LadyAijou says. You were just saying what you would like to see in the game, nothing wrong with that (especially since this is the Feedback & Suggestions thread after all).   We really appreciate feedback and suggestions from the community.