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This event repeats every week on Saturday forever

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Greetings, Privateers!

This week we will be kicking off a fun new way to get to know the community, talk about all things Privateers, and hear from you guys on a variety of topics. Each week will have a topic we'll be holding an informal discussion on, and the community is invited to come and share your thoughts with us. Both CM's will be in attendance, as well as the occasional appearance by the developers.

Chill N Chat takes place on Saturday, our new day, from 1-3PM Central time, on our Discord channel. (The channel is always open, so if you can't wait till Friday, we're always happy to see new faces!) You can find the channel here:

We look forward to hanging out and hearing what you guys have to say! This week's topic will be: "What feature would you most love to see in Pixel Privateers?"

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Always at 6:00 am for me, so unless I suddenly get insomnia I prob can't attend these.

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