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  1. Xalveris added an answer to a question: When Bulbous Protrusion eats the highlighted unit, the rest of the selected squad stops attacking   

    Having trouble posting, which causes double posts, see my thread here: http://quadrodelta.com/forum/index.php?/topic/571-fatal-error-when-i-try-to-post-still-posts-though
  2. Xalveris added an answer to a question: When Bulbous Protrusion eats the highlighted unit, the rest of the selected squad stops attacking   

    I had this same issue. I think it's because with multiple squad members selected, it just tells them to all do the same thing as the highlighted member. Therefore, when the leader is stuck, the rest of the squad gets stuck to. I've also had this happen with other types of stuns, where stunning the highlighted unit just freezes the whole group.
  3. Xalveris added an answer to a question: Fatal error when I try to post (still posts though)   

    Whenever I try to post a new thread to one the tab loads for 30+ seconds and then I get the following error in an otherwise completely white window:
    Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in C:\xampp\htdocs\forum\system\Email\Outgoing\Php.php on line 35
    It seems to add the post to the forum just fine, but I have to reopen the forum in a new browser tab. I don't want to try reloading as it will probably result in a double-post and give me the error again.
    I'm using Google Chrome, if that makes a difference.
    I get a similar issue when I try to reply to a thread, where it again loads for 30+ seconds, but then goes back like it did nothing, with no error. It still posts just fine though, as I discovered on this thread (there's three posts if someone hasn't fixed it yet): http://quadrodelta.com/forum/index.php?/topic/547-when-bulbous-protrusion-eats-the-highlighted-unit-the-rest-of-the-selected-squad-stops-attacking/
    Editing posts works just fine.
    Edited to add a screenshot from when I posed this very issue:

  4. Xalveris added a post in a topic: My Suggestions/Input   

    So I've been playing for a bit over 5 hours (at the time of original post), and as a fan of other games such as Diablo (nice references btw :P), I'm really enjoying it, but some parts are annoying and I think they could be improved. This will probably be an ongoing list with updates when I think of more stuff. Some things might already be in the game and I just missed them or haven't gotten to them yet. I also understand that some things might be too similar to other games and might not be added to keep the game unique.
    1) Squad setup: Having your squad members be in a fixed formation set by the game is kind of annoying. I would love to see some sort of option where you could set your own formation for them to default to while running around and at the start of battle. So, instead of always having a 3-2-1 formation when you have 6 squad members, you could customize it so you could have 1-2-3 or 2-2-2 or 3-1-2 etc, as well as specify exactly where each member is. Set up before the mission, when you pick which members to take with you, and the UI could be something like a 8x6 or so grid where each member takes up 2x2 spaces, and you drag or place them in from the list instead of just adding them to a second list. Also have some save slots where you can save a formation so you don't have to place squad members in every time, and have it remember the formation you used last time.
    2) Upgrading equipment (maybe this is in the game already and I just haven't found it yet?): Possibly have to unlock this by piecing together artifacts, similar to the transmute thing. I found a person who gave an artifact-level tool as a reward for a quest at around level 5-8 (I don't remember exactly), and I was exited when I got it, but now at level 20 it's obsolete because its base stats are trash compared to what I have now, even though it had good stats at the level I found it. I would love for there to be a way to upgrade your equipment instead of just having to find new stuff, especially when it has amazing modifiers (I think it had like +40% to all damage done or something, and another really good attribute; I've since deconstructed it since it became useless, as I said before). Of course, it would cost matter (and maybe something else, maybe even a new material such as upgrade cores or something?), and have a failure chance like replicating. If you really wanted to be cruel you could have a really low chance if it backfiring and downgrading or even downright destroying the item.
    Finally found an upgrade item. They seem really rare though, so not really that useful.
    3) Multi-classing - add details later
    4) SOLO MODE - add details later, utilizes multiclass
    More to come as I think of it!