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    Hi. So i was playing with outfitting crew and noticed some very weird things. Basically, a rocket launcher has attack rate around 2.7 attacks per second. Now. Once i improve speed by equipping appropritate +50/70 speed item('s) combo i see weird behaviour: a) attack speed goes to 2.2 attacks per second. so basically with speed increase i would expect to see attack speed increase. Or tooltip is misleading. Secondary: reload speed decreases just fine. But it start to loow awkward when it goes say from 0.1 sec to -0.9 sec. 
    I mean Pixel Privaters has certain 'rpg elements' such as stats/loot. And they are important. so when those stats are misleading or not working or not showing as intended it makes me just want to take a break before its fixed. Around lv 70+ now in 2nd wormhole.