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  1. Nolic0321 added a post in a topic: Jello!   

    It keeps us entertained.  We don't get bored...although we never finish anything we're always having fun
    [peek] Spell SyllablesSynonymsExamplesWord Originverb (used with object), piqued, affect with sharp irritation and resentment, especially by somewound to pride:She was greatly piqued when they refused her wound (the pride, vanity, etc.) excite (interest, curiosity, etc.):Her curiosity was piqued by the arouse an emotion or provoke to action:to pique someone to answer a challenge.5.Archaic. to pride (oneself) (usually followed by on or upon).
  2. Nolic0321 added a post in a topic: Jello!   

    Hahaha.  I NEVER catch up on my backlog.  But yeah...always keeps our interest piqued ;p
  3. Nolic0321 added a post in a topic: Live Q&A Transcript   

    That's me! No way! 
  4. Nolic0321 added a post in a topic: Greetings all!   

    Hello Frutty and welcome!  I went through depression myself but at a much younger age...sitting around...27 now (I think) and can tell you there is a way out!  Be positive, surround yourself with positive people, and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!  Self confidence can help greatly with depression so go ahead and BE YOURSELF!  We will love you...don't worry.  We're all a bit weird and broken but...that's what makes us US and what makes us AWESOME!!!! <3
  5. Nolic0321 added a post in a topic: Jello!   

    Howdy ho erybody!  My name is Nolic0321 (and if you're a really good friend of mine you'll get to know my actual name...or if you're a creeper O_O).  I am a husband, father and gamer with a new family (married only 2 and half years with a 1 and a half year time flies).  I LOVE playing games and LOVE my family and because I work...well...I don't get as much time with either as i'd like  
    I am one of the fellow Mods on this forum and am happy to serve in whatever way I can!  I fell in love with Piracy after PaulSoaresJr did a little test drive of the game and have been hanging around the QD folks enough to annoy them into accepting me into the fold..well..the outermost fold...where the itchy linens are ;p
    I have gaming ADD.... "What does that mean?!" you might ask.  Well, it means that I have a library of 100+ games that I've started but never really completed.  I feel like once I get started on a game there's always a new one I want to play!  Probably why I tend to float around the indie realm now but WHY NOT?!?!  It has some AMAZING CONTENT!  (No I do not CLAIM to have a medically diagnosed disorder; I just like to call it that )
    Hehehe anywho I have a YT channel in an attempt to showcase smaller indie games that deserve the shoutout, unless Paul gets to them first, and hope to grow it into a family gaming channel.  I'm very stoked for QD and the things that are going to be happening with the company and hope you guys can come along for the ride!!!!!!
    Wow...that was quite a bit.  If you'd like to know more about me then come and chat with us in the discord
  6. Nolic0321 added a post in a topic: Quadro Delta and Re-Logic Join Forces Again!   

    Very many happy awesomes and epics on the way!!!  This is JUST the beginning!!!!  Stay tuned!  Very nice announcement!
  7. Nolic0321 added a post in a topic: Strange or Mythical weapon,armor,etc effects   

    Yeah having the weapon have some effect would be pretty sweet!  Being able to pick up weapon mods that do that would be cool
  8. Nolic0321 added a post in a topic: Pixel Piracy Comes to Consoles!   

    Oh fearless Gecko queen!  Or ambassador!  How you bless us with AMAZING NEWS!!!!  WOO HOO QUADRO DELTA!!!!!!