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  1. Hapy4u added a comment on a calendar event: Community Chill N Chat!   

    Always at 6:00 am for me, so unless I suddenly get insomnia I prob can't attend these.
  2. Hapy4u added a post in a topic: Hapy to meet you all!   

    Hello everyone!
    As you can probs already tell, i'm Hapy4u, a recent addition to staff of Quadro Delta as a moderator.

    I live in what some of my friends might call "Kangaroo Land", the proper name for this place is Australia.
    18 years of age, 19 in September.
    People have sometimes confused my gender due to the odd username, I can confirm that I am a guy!

    Now Hapy... you spelt "Happy" wrong.
    No I did not, 10-11 years ago I wanted to make an online name that would last forever, so I wanted something odd. I thought of the phrase "happy for you" and turned it into "Happy4u" but I just didn't feel right... so I got rid of 1 "p"

    Anways, hope to see you on the steam forums, these forums and in discord: https://discord.gg/0S3mCrto7hEa2zAR
    If you ever want to chat, I am almost always in the voice chat in discord.