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  1. MrRocket50 added an answer to a question: I'm available to translate "Pixel Piracy" for Portuguese.   

    I'm not slinhares but I finished the translation to portuguese brazilian some weeks ago, file attached.
    It works but some translation lines are missing, most likely because the translation tool from Steam is outdated.
  2. MrRocket50 added a post in a topic: Hello there   

    Thank you.
    Here go the translation.
  3. MrRocket50 added a post in a topic: Hello there   

    Hello, I'm Erick, I also usually knows as Rocket, Rocket50 or Mrocket50. I'm 23 and I live in Brazil.
    I'm fan of old-school gaming and I love games with liberty and with a bunch of things, to use and abuse of creativity!
    I don't know if it can be relevant, but I served during years as supporter to help two communities, one is the Deviantart, despite that I'm a ''common'' user in both.
    I usually don't talk much, I'm bit shy. and I'm not very active for this reason, but I always reply if necessary.
    I also started a translation for Pixel Piracy in Portuguese Brazilian, I saw some people working in the same idiom but I don't know if they finished. It will be done in few days!