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    I personally can't speak much about the console release of Pixel Piracy, though I can tell you that the console versions are still actively being worked on.
    You're also more than welcome to wait and see how Pixel Privateers (QD's new game) turns out, I'll save you the paragraphs of backstory on the development team for now - but I can tell you that the original developer learned more than everything from his first game, and that the new one is already more than amazing (At least to me, and that's with most of my time spent playing it being bug-testing)!
    Constructive feedback is more than welcomed here, however inflammatory comments which have already been addressed by these "canned responses" you speak of IS NOT (And neither is making multiple accounts for getting around punishments!). I suggest you consider the reason why your previous accounts were punished (beyond your assumptions here), before you post again.