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  1. NinjaPirate added a post in a topic: My thoughts on how Pixel Privateers compares to Pixel Piracy (Part 2)   

    This is my second video on Pixel Piracy.  I've gotten the basics of the gameplay but I feel like I'm missing something.
    TLDW (too long didn't watch):
    Pixel Piracy vs Pixel Privateers Comparison:
    1)I like the updated graphics from Pixel Piracy
    2) The added depth of field is good (and bad, sometimes the sprites obscure one another)
    3) Pixel Privateers has no party AI whatsoever and this seems intentional.  I'm not sure how I feel about this just yet.  If they had auto-attack/defend would the whole battles only involve a few clicks?  Is that bad?
    4) The new toned down loot is a good
    5) I'm enjoy the option to turn off the 3d UI
    6) Are there any ship battles like Pixel Piracy?  I think not.  Are there many ship customization options?
  2. NinjaPirate added a post in a topic: My thoughts on Pixel Privateers after a love hate relationship with Pixel Piracy (same dev previous game)   

    I loved Pixel Piracy but eventually when your crew grew large or you made your way to late mid game bugs would start to crop up. I'm really hopeful this will be different. This is my first video and it just gets through the tutorial I will need more time to give more options but what I noticed so far is this:
    1) Much more elaborate
    2) Your characters will not attack an area you have to attack each individual
    3) 2D with a bit of depth added so same style as Pixel Piracy but a bit jazzier
    4) Lots of fun Easter Eggs from Pixel Piracy, I found good one right away 5) Seems a lot more polished, (we'll see)
    If you want these thoughts in youtube form here you are as well.
    I would also appreciate your thoughts or comparisons on the state of Pixel Privateers so far.