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Good afternoon/day/night, wherever you are in this small world. My name is EverThing and I am a fluently english speaking 18-year-old Dutch person/dude/gamer/friend/student and a lot of other things. I discovered this place only recently even though I spent many hours playing pixel piracy.  Anyway, it feels good to be finally aboard :D

I spent most of my time doing the things I love and that for one is, of course you guessed it, gaming. I have a weakness for pixely styled games and also really enjoy playing old-school retro games including series such as Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Kirby. :)But I am also a big fan of more recently released triple A games such as Battlefield 4. New Indie games always spark my intrest as well and, I don't mind a challenging puzzle/adventure game like portal. I guess, in conclusion, I pretty much enjoy all kinds of games. The only type of games I enjoy less are scary horror games, yeah that's to much for my heart to handle. I did really enjoy Limbo, the creepy atmosphere is something utterly special, in the end it all comes down that I just don't like jump scares. :o

Other things I like to do is edit videos in my spare time and.... you can already feel it coming ....  I do have a YouTube channel to which I currently upload Terraria videos. And yeah I also enjoying watching my favorite tv-series, and maybe a bit of anime sometimes. But this post is getting waaaaaay longer than I anticipated. 

So, well that's just the tip of the iceberg of who I actually am. I am always up for a quick chat, so just sent me a message somewhere if your up for a talk. Discord, the forum, twitter, youtube, whatever, I do not care. Anyways, that's all and I hope we'll have an awesome time together! ;)

New privateer EverThing out!

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