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issue camera wonky when rts style is off?


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When RTS style camera option was turned off it respositioned my camera view to the bottom level of a elevator tower. when the camera collided with ?map walls? it would shake horribly. This was found out in multiplayer.

i tried reproducing the issue in a newly booted instance of the game and couldn't. I believe it might be tied to stuff like elevators or ramps forcing the camera past the map edge. I have found a stage to test that idea on though.

edit: I can't get it to do it again. i got to a stage with a elevator and it jerked slightly once when it hit the edge of the map at the bottom of the shaft. Wasn't anything near what it was when i first turned the option off. So am thinking it might just be a minor issue. Still need to test it in multiplayer though.


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If you get it to happen again, definitely let us know! Some bugs are tricky to trigger, and take extremely specific circumstances.

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