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-DISCLAIMER- I have not finished the game yet and have no idea if any of the things that I suggest, are already being used some where else.

I was thinking earlier, there are multiple different alien races you can encounter when your ship is being encountered, which, by the way, I feel like those never happen later game, but since some people don't like that, don't increase it. But random ship encounters aren't what I'm hear to suggest. One of most notable is the Unidentified Aliens, which 1: I will refer to as the Unidentified. 2: I am referring to them as "unidentified because I don't know what they are called enemy wise and also because that is what the encounter mission refereed to them as. Basically, I was wondering if there could be more on the Unidentified.

Maybe they could be an ancient race, trapped inside the cores of many planets and even a star, where they can be released by some space pirates, who are looking for something to sell for a high price. Seeing some ancient tablets and scrolls saying that some unspeakable powerful thing is in the cores of those certain planets and the star. A.K.A. MONEY!!! So they go after it, release the rest unspeakable horrors. Your job would be to stop the Unidentified before they kill everybody who they think is related to their imprisonment. The Company C.E.O. could be the ones they're after.

Or, the Unidentified could have been the side product of when the Glorious were making there "perfect" army. All of the unused "donations" were either thrown away and were formed into the Unidentified by them self's, were thrown away but they were put together that way by a scientist, or it was a failed Glorious army. Either way, they would still be able to have the name "Unidentified" since they are unidentified. Their goal wouldn't be the same as the glorious, but because of the way they are made, they have no emotion but hate, and can't be communicated with. This would leave questions about why they would be so wrathful, but they would leave hints of there reasoning behind, in forms of drawings and symbols that the Void-Seeker may be able to "translate" in a way.

There is so much mystery and possibilities that you could make with them, and I would love it, if you can make the Unidentified a larger thing then just an uncommon encounter.

Sincerely, Superza of the Superza Eons.

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