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Public Test Branch is Now Live!

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Greetings, Privateers!


We have been hard at work since launch, investigating and fixing bugs the community has found. This patch brings more of those fixes out, including our fix for the issue where the cursor would remain in a hover state and not allow the player to attack. We have also corrected the bug that was allowing players to exceed the intended level cap of 100, which was causing odd behaviors beyond that point. Characters that have exceeded the level cap will be scaled back within the level 100 limit. The first fixes for FPS issues also appear in this patch, and we hope those experiencing that issue will opt in and let us know if the changes were effective!


Before rolling out this patch to the main game, however, we are opening our public test branch to allow everyone to opt in and check out the balance changes, and to weigh in with feedback. We want to hear what the community thinks, and to be able to adjust and tune the balance as needed. We have opened a brand new subforum on Steam where you can share your thoughts with us on the test branch build. Once we feel the game is where we want it to be, we’ll roll it onto the main branch.


Please note, any save that you load while opted into the public test branch, will be affected by the changes present on the newer build. If you have saves you wish to remain unaltered for the main branch when you opt out, avoid loading those saves while in the test branch.


To opt in:

  • Right click on the game in your library

  • Select Properties

  • Select Betas

  • Select the public test branch from the drop down menu

  • The game will then update to the public test build.


Here are the notes for today’s patch, which is now live on the opt-in branch:



* Enforced the intended level cap of 100.  Extra stat points gained by overleveling removed (stats gained from training codexes stay). Items will be scaled down to level 100 (modifier setup stays the same, values are scaled down).

* Saves are now backed up locally in case the main save file is corrupted.




* Dodge chance and damage mitigation both now have a hard cap of 85% (down from 95%).

* Increased the overall damage output of enemies for higher difficulty settings slightly.

* Damage mitigation from armor reduced considerably.

* Damage enemies deal at the start of the game (lvl 1-4) reduced to reduce the impact of the reduced damage mitigation.

* Item modifiers for specific damage sources and block chance scaled down.

* Dodge modifiers and dodge bonuses from light armors scaled down.

* Reduced hp of high stamina enemies (mostly elites) on higher levels (and difficulty settings).

* Item drop chance modifier values scaled down.

* Rocket launcher fire rate decreased from 1.5 to 0.5 and reload time decreased from 2.5 to 1.5.

* Fire rate and reload time modifiers scaled down.

* Increased explosion damage on low difficulty settings, decreased for higher difficulty settings.

* Rescaled crit damage multiplier modifiers.

* Characters now gain more HP from stamina on low stamina values. This effect increases the overall health pools of crew members - an attempt at making one shot deaths less likely.




* TTX-coating is now only shown for melee weapons on the item tooltip.

* Hireable characters can no longer have level over 100.

* Hireable characters can no longer have base stats over 100.

* Status effects can no longer be applied to crew members who are in the middle of a teleport, thus transferring them to ship screen (possibly fixes character panel showing high stat values).

* Status effects which modify stats are now activated correctly fixing stats being increased/decreased semipermanently (resets when reloading a game).

* Fixed sorting overburdened tabs resulting in lost items.

* Fixed being able to right-click items in QDT with a full inventory to place items into overburdened tabs.

* Fixed being able to MMB while disintegrating to destroy the item you were trying to favorite.

* Fixed tool target cursors and other hover effects not working correctly.

* Light armor bonuses are now applied to correct stats.

* Fix attempt for cases where there's never any sounds in the game.

* Fixed planets being empty when crew level + difficulty setting level are over 100.

* Potential fix for a bug where fps drops to 1 and isn't fixed by restarting the game.

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