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bug [BUG] Not being able to teleport back to ship


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Hi, on Windows 10PC, there is an error that occurred at least twice to me, (the number of times my entire troop died so far, so could happen again) and I'm here just to report it, as it's annoying when it occurs.

Afer dying by not being able to click in the enemies (due to these random occurrences of matter extraction, where the game don't allow me to click on anything other than the create of matter), the game shows a message saying: all crew members are dead, please return to ship to recuperate.

That could be fine, if the game just allowed me to return. I CAN'T.

I can't click the return button and the only way out this screen is the "main menu" option, leaving the mission and gameplay.

Took a screenshot of this bug.

Yeah, that bad boy hit kill most of my men, then I couldn't freeze or run in time because the game blocks user's click and actions doing secret stuff like generating my matter crate and opening door / stopping elevators, etc.

It's very frustrating not being able to click and take actions in time, but the bug is the button to return to ship, which is disabled like I haven't that option available :mellow:

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Updated OS and info

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Hey thundree, first of all, welcome to the Quadro Delta forum. I have moved your post to the Pixel Privateer Bug Reporting section, instead of the Pixel Piracy Bug section. Thank you for already providing a screenshot. Indeed, sometimes in rare cases the game teleporter stops working. For me personally selecting and deselecting the whole group or opening the menu can sometimes fix the issue. Since you already ran into the issue twice, if you encounter it again, could you close the game and look for the game's output_log.txt? You can find it at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pixel Privateers\privateers_Data.  (It looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/Yi1wGKQ.png.) If you could then please mail a bug report at support@quadrodelta.atlassian.net explaining the bug again together with this log file and your save file, then the devs can look into your issue.

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