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Cosmic Booster Pack 1 is Now Live!

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Greetings Privateers!


Today we bring you the first of our content patches, which introduces, vanity gear, pets, and more. We’ve added more than 150 new vanity items for you to find and enjoy! Additionally, players in NG+ will now have the chance to find exclusive vanity gear and pets, to reward adventurous privateers for their hard work. From the community’s wish list, the patch also includes auto-disintegrate and UI scaling features, as well as the ability to sell multiple items on the markets.


To keep the community in the loop, we’ve prototyped a potential solution for the much-wanted auto-attack feature, and will continue to work with that until we’re satisfied that it works and plays well in the game. We don’t have a current ETA for which patch that will come out with, but it is very much on the radar for the team, and is in progress. We are also working on porting the game to Unity 5, which will dramatically improve memory and performance issues in the game. Keep the feedback coming; we’re listening!


Here are the notes for today’s patch:


Changes and New Features:


* 150+ vanity items added (hats, suits, and specials) which now have a chance to drop from hat-o-mats,events, champions, and bosses.

* Pets! You can now have an adorable companion to follow you on your adventures!

* NG+ Exclusive vanity items and pets, to reward those who dare venture there!

* New vanity inventory which has infinite tabs. It can be accessed via vanity inventory button near the character paperdoll in crew screen. This same inventory is also found in replicator screen.

* Vanity items have pink icons on their item tags and inventory icons to more distinguish them from rest of your gear.

* New blueprints tab in replicator. Same blueprints are available for every crew you play. Each blueprint is unlocked when you find a new vanity item for the first time (if it's replicable).

* 5 new random events.

* Option to automatically disintegrate items on pickup (with quality threshold setting).

* New option to use relative UI scaling (available in options menu) which should help with small combat UI on high resolution monitors.

* You can now select multiple items to buy and sell in the market screen.

* You can now buy and sell vanity items in market stations.

* Added new "all" category for markets.

* Buying items in the market no longer resets the view to the beginning of the list.

* Credits rewards from cyborg terminal quests and Saving Lukas event reduced. Rewards are now consistent with other quest and mission rewards.

* Warning message for cloning is now more clear on how codex points and unallocated training points transfer.

* Pan-Temporal Skipgets now have 2s cooldown instead of no cooldown at all.

* Low fuel warning now states, on hardcore mode, that it's not certain anyone (Kent) will come help you.




* Fixed ranged weapon stats being offset due to ttx-coating text formatting.

* Fixed a bug when dragging on a crew member's gear while in hire comparison view resulting in items getting stuck on screen.

* Fixed stamina giving half of the hp it should.

* Fixed Entropy fight causing lag spikes for client in multiplayer games.

* Fixed events rewarding unusable lvl 100+ items on level 100.

* Fixed markets not having lvl 100 items.

* Fixed security bots attacking your own crew members in ship view mode.

* Fixed cleaning bots triggering your own mines in ship view mode.

* Fixed an issue that interfered with players using JoyToKey, and caused the cursor to keep centering itself.

* When resurrecting a dead crew member in the cloning lab, unallocated stat points no longer reduced from allocated stats.

* When cloning a crew member, codex points (even if used) no longer reduced from allocated stats.

* Refunded stat points (via techs) when cloning can no longer exceed the stat points actually refunded from the stats (on low level characters).

* Matter and fuel no longer capped to 100k when the resources were consumed.

* Events will now grant rewards which are of the same level as the crew even on distant planets (from the start location of the game).

* Training targets no longer spawn on ship invasion events to prevent invasion events getting stuck when training module is installed to a ship.

* Resistance bonuses from tool items (such as Assault Frame) now also work correctly.

* Start Game button on landing party selection screen is now Start Mission button as intended.

* Combat recovery field and Novel conceptual frameworks tech typos fixed.

* Markets containing black markets now say so in their tooltips.

* T1 market tooltips now also say that hiring crew is available.

* Heal texts generated by Happy Pills are now also hidden when Show heal texts option is turned off.

* Fixed transport ranges being calculated incorrectly sometimes resulting in the inability to build ship modules using the ship builder (missing cogwheels).

* Fixed overload shot descriptions having different damage bonus values and reference to splash damage even if Plasmic Paroxysm wasn't researched.

* Fixed neutrino radar detector tech generating planets with lower than expected levels when revealing the layout of the planet on galaxy map screen.

* Fixed death dissolve effect bug which caused permanent issues in multiplayer when the system tried to start the effect continuously.

* Fixed a bug with mouse hover code resulting in inability to target dead crew members with bio-hacking tech.



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