How Do Cops Deem Defense Attorneys?

Cops are law enforcement officials whose primary task is to bring the criminals and lawbreakers to the court of law. The job of a defense attorney is somehow the opposite. A defence attorney defends the accused charged with crime. It’s thus natural that cops and defense attorneys don’t actually exchange pleasantries whenever they meet. So, how do cops actually deem the defense attorneys? Now, that’s basically an open-ended question and response is mixed.

They deem them to be opportunistic

The first thing that cops usually prefer to harbor about defense attorneys from law firms in Harrisburg is that they are opportunistic. Now, you certainly can’t blame them for that. Even a child of 5 years knows that people accused of charges should face legal consequences. And when someone comes up to defend them, he can’t really be lauded. Besides, most of the times, these lawyers are offered an incredibly large sum of money to defend the accused. This is especially the case when the accused is an affluent party who hardly bothers to be accountable for his wrongdoings.

No wonder, a lot of lawyers, especially the young ones, view defense attorneys as opportunist schmucks.

Some of them do deserve respect

However, some of the seasoned lawyers prefer to think otherwise. According to them, not all defense attorneys are opportunists who can do almost anything for money. In fact, some of them had had a great experience with defense attorneys. As per one of the cops, there is a defend lawyer who deliberately chooses to be stand by the accused people. She (the lawyer) had revealed to the cop that there are lots of people who are dragged to the court under the misconception of being an accused. She wants to stand by them to defend them against a false allegation.