How To Get The Friendship Dragon In Dragon City

As a fanatic player of Dragon City, you know how important and valuable dragons are for you to be successful in the game. Hence, getting and breeding dragons are one of the exciting and amazing parts of the game. A lot of players are trying so hard to get all types of dragons and breed them. This is because dragons play a vital role in the success of the player in the overall game. As such, the game will be even more challenging and will have more fun through continuous aim and effort to play the game. One of the best and the most coveted dragons in the game is the friendship dragon. This dragon has a lot of benefits to players. For some, this is also the cutest one in the game. Friendship dragon really is the best friend that every player could have in Dragon City. When you are sad or not in the mood, this dragon will lift your spirits and when you are in overflowing joy, he will be happy as well. If you are not yet convinced with it, just take a look at his little yellow friend who held onto him from the day he was still an egg until he became an adult.

The growth stages of Friendship dragon is from egg, child, young and until adult. With the cuteness and amazing characteristics of this dragon, you might be asking how to breed a Friendship Dragon. Unfortunately, friendship dragon is not available for breeding or is not breedable. But the good thing is, you can buy it from the shop at a specific and selected time and event. You can still have the chance to get a friendship dragon through a dragon city hack.