Know About The Top Tips For Tefl Teachers

Want to teach English in Thailand but have no degree? No problem! It is completely possible to do Teaching work in Thailand without degree. Even if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree, there is no stopping you from becoming the teacher you always wanted to! Of course, having an onsite TEFL certification will be beneficial to you. But the most important thing will always be your grasp on the classroom and your teaching skills.

Here are some tips that can greatly help you in mastering your teaching skills:

1) It’s okay to be nervous

Not everyone is born confident in public-speaking and nervousness can get to the best of us. It’s completely natural. Don’t let that get to you. Always focus on preparing your lesson plans beforehand and anticipate a few difficulties.

2) Have a plan B

Even in the same classroom, there are students with different levels of understanding. It is quite common to see that for some students the current lesson plan might not be enough, for such situations always have a plan B! Indulge them in exploring the vocabulary sections or even the etymologies of the words.

3) Know Your Students

Introductions are always essential. Unless you don’t know your students and your students don’t know you how can you expect them to be able to communicate with you comfortably?

4) Make it interesting

Sticking to the lesson plan is good, but what makes a class great is having a little fun. Imagine how great it would be if you are not afraid to make mistakes in the class and could even have a little laugh all the while you’re still learning!

For new teachers, it’s important to remember that we are all learners. You should always be ready to open suggestions and take risks. The more you show them growth in yourself, the more they would be inspired to grow themselves.