Multiplayer Games: How It Evolved Through The Years

Multiplayer games have evolved through the years, starting from only limited player rooms to 50-man world boss raids. In the past, only a few people can access the internet. Dial-up type of connection is now a thing in the past, broadband connections are now available for everyone. This kind of progress made the multiplayer genre of games as it is now today.

These are the notable changes that were developed through the years:

Online Multiplayer Capability

In the early years of video games, playing games with your friends was a hassle. Because the only way to access the internet was through dial-up connections. Instead of just connecting through the game by finding lobbies you need to get your friend’s IP address to create a peer-to-peer connection with your two computers. It was complicated so a lot of players would just settle on playing solo.

Online Communication Capability

When multiplayer online games were first introduced, communications were quite limited. The only way you can communicate with your teammates is to type messages in the game, this is due to the fact that the internet connection way back was slow and low bandwidth. Today, voice communication is now possible thanks to the faster and bigger amount of bandwidth the ISPs can provide. Many people even can play online games while streaming at the same time, allowing audiences to see how the player plays the game in his/her perspective.

Online Tournaments/eSports

Remember when a lot of people say you can’t make a living playing games like bola 88. People thought it isn’t possible and just a pipe dream, but now because of how popular online games are to the whole world. Organizations started hosting tournaments that have a really huge prize pool that you can’t just help but be at awe. Prize pools ranging from US$ 1 million to US$ 25 million dollars.