Must Have Mods For A RP Server In The Game Rust

Rust is a very popular survival game in which players are left on an island and they have to survive there themselves. The game also has sandbox game features like the player can build houses and platforms. They can also craft weapons of all sorts to kill enemies. The game is open world so the player can roam all around the world limits of the game.

With these qualities, you can probably see that the game is like Minecraft in many ways and just like Minecraft, in this game you have endless possibilities! There are various servers that have various mods installed in them, like rust aimbot, these mods improve the gameplay and attract players. If you want to create a server then here are some mods that are popular among people.

  1. The Teleport Feature

The map of the game is huge and it takes a long time to go form one end to the other. If you want to attract people then adding this mod can be really helpful. It allows people to teleport form one place to another in the map and save travel time and even flee from strong enemies. The teleport feature can also make the game much easier and hence a little boring so keep that in mind.

  1. Loot Multiplier

This is also a very popular mod and like other one it too makes the game easier and the progress much faster. It is cool however as it makes the game easier for all the players and this makes the game very challenging. All the people have high level and valuable resources and the battles are very fun and interesting with deadly weapons on both sides.

These were two of the most famous mods for the game.