Playing Brawl Stars? Know The Best Brawlers

Every new Brawl Stars player is eager to know about the best brawlers so that s/he can make the most of the game. There are 20+ characters here and some of them are definitely better than the rest. You will need the help of superior characters to increase your level in the game. You can take the help of brawl stars cheat to unlock these in-game characters. Cheats are online tools which will enable you to generate in-game currencies and unlock powerful characters free of cost. The post below offers a brief on the best brawlers of the game.


This mighty Myth Brawler lady is undoubtedly one of the best of all Brawlers in the game. Her long narrow range has catapulted her power while her sharp piercing shots are a nightmare for her enemies.


Another much coveted name in the game, this Brawler is amazingly powerful. It’s true that his damage capacity is comparatively lower than many other Brawlers. But, he scores up with his resistance to healing (of his enemies). Besides, you can’t deny Crow’s incredible movement speed. Thanks to his prompt shot load time, he can dodge through during attacks- while leaving his opponents in good lot of damage.


This list will certainly stay incomplete without the mention of Poco. The character boasts strong health and is also known for excellent range. Another great bit about Poco is its fast healing power. And yes, the character’s “Star Power” is an asset and makes him really useful.


Bull stands tall among the list of best Brawlers with its awesome health (6000) and it’s this superior health that enables it to beat just any character. In fact, as per some of the players, Bull is the best of all brawlers. The amazing bit about this character is that it just never disappoints.