Setting Up Your Wireless Router in Simple Steps

Setting up your newly bought wireless router might sound like a big problem but it is not that hard. There are simple ways wherein you can set up your wireless router in a jiffy. It does not need you to be tech-savvy to configure and start it up. What you need are just these simple steps to set up and configure your wireless router.

Here are the steps you need to configure your newly bought wireless router:

Connect your modem to your wireless router

Most of the time you do not need anything else to configure on your modem to install a new wireless router. You just need to plug it in then configure the settings on your wireless router. In accessing your new wireless router configuration address. You need to visit or look at your manual that comes in the box of your wireless router.

Configuring your wireless router

Modern wireless routers do not need anything else changed unless you are an advanced user or knowledgeable about network configurations. Modern routers have their configuration stage simplified for the sake of common users buying their products. This is why you just need to change your SSID and input a password on it. Then allow the restart and reflect the changes.

Update your wireless router’s software

Before launching your newly set-up wireless router. You need to update its firmware or software to implement new changes and features that were not included in your wireless router. This can be accessed on the configuration site on the settings side. This will help your wireless router more secure and invulnerable against security issues and hacks.

Change your admin password and launch your new Wi-Fi

There are a lot of people today who are tech-savvy and know a lot about network configurations. This is why you need to change your admin password on your configuration website so you’ll avoid takeovers from random people connecting to your wireless network. You can change your admin password right on the configuration page then restart it. After restarting you are all done.