The Advantages Of Wet Shaving Over Dry Shaving

We’ve all endured getting our hair shaved. It is so common that it becomes routine. Now you might notice why barbers wet the hair before shaving. You might have seen this among friends as well. And this also applies to body hair. The trend of men’s body hair removal is picking up these days. Thanks to Instagram and YouTube. It is now trendy to be a man and go hairless. Thus, this was not possible decades ago.

So why is it that wet shaving is preferred over dry shaving? You might want to ask if this is a sort of tradition started by a famous figure in history like Da Vinci or Raphael. However, sorry to burst your bubble, but there’s no historical figure who started wet shaving. It’s a matter of choice.

Wet Hair Yields

Wet hair conforms to the direction of the comb. When you comb the part, the shave glides over it. There’s no friction from messy hair to get in the way of the blade. So what you get is an even trimming.

It Is Fast

Wet hair makes shaving easy. It also saves you time. Instead of hair resistance, the surface yields. It is the same with body hair. Damp skin is easy to shave. You also get fine results.

Electric Razors Don’t Need Wetness

You can shave with the electric razor without moisture. Electric shavers are efficient. Unlike hand shaving, they are also accurate. Thus, this is the method used in barbershops. You can also shave your legs using this instrument. You also save time because the path is always even.


Your option to shave is up to you. But if you want to do it by hand, then applying wetness works well. So go out there and start shaving that body hair away. You next Instagram post will have thousands of likes.