The Fastest Growing Gaming Markets In The Us

Video game industries are taking the global market by storm these days and it has made the gaming business exponentially more profitable in the past years. Gaming for today’s people is providing a gateway for recreation, it gives them a way to get out of their boring lives and experience something entirely new and exciting. On top of this, gaming has proved to be a very profitable source of income for the millennial generation today. Online video game streaming is becoming more and more common these days and with online resources like Worlds factory forums guiding people about newer games everyday, this industry is growing more than ever. But the fact remains that this industry is very diverse and is not at all concentrated at a single place. Let us see in which areas the growth is the highest.

Gaming Redefined

Earlier when people referred to PC gaming, the best that anyone could think of was small 8 bit games that gave people an eyesore whenever they played it. Still, it kept people entertained and busy for the better part of 2 decades. With the increase in awareness about newer games and graphics, thanks to websites like Worlds Factory, people soon started to realize the true potential of gaming technology. Increasing Processing strengths complemented this and the gaming industry got an enormous boost.

Fastest Growing Gaming Markets

The US is undeniably the biggest gaming market in the entire world. Huge awareness among people increased technological advancements and improved funding made this possible. The gaming industry there, too, is divided and is not concentrated on a single type of gaming. The biggest market, according to a report by Worlds factory in the US is taken up by the mobile gaming industry with a market cap of 65.5 billion US dollars. That is followed by the console gaming market and it is very far from the mobile gaming industry. Console gaming has a cap of 35.7 billion US dollars. These are the two predominant gaming markets prevailing in the US right now.