Use Coasters Along With Promotional Water Bottles For Marketing

Promotional water bottles are getting more popular for business marketing today. These are simple, small and useful items which can carry their brand to the public. But if you think customized water bottles aren’t enough, consider giving drink coasters along as well.

What are Drink Coasters and why use it for Marketing Purposes

Drink coasters are small pieces of covers placed on tables where drinks are rested upon. These are covers which protect the table from heat, cold and spills coming from the drinks. Also, you can use them to cover the drink, and keep contaminants away such as small insects and dust.

And using them as marketing tools along with customized water bottles can do wonders too, such as:

You can order them in bulks, and have it customized according to your branding. Talk with the provider so you’d get the right color, design, material and prints that fit your business.

Coasters are small items which you can easily package along with promotional water bottles. You can place them in a bag, or simply give them at the same time. It’s size advantage also allows you to bring it anywhere needed. For example, you can bring it in business meetings, corporate programs, casual events or distribute it directly to the public.

Coasters are useful items for many tables. People can put your branded coasters on their table, desks or anywhere they want to enjoy a drink. It can work as a mere tabletop ornament as well. Be sure, however, to come up with designs that people would love to use.

Lastly, these are affordable items you can order in large bulks. You can also find companies that offer continuous production to supply your marketing campaign.

Planning of using promotional water bottles for your brand marketing? Have coasters with it for more efficient advertising! It would help tell a lot about your brand to the public easily today.