Why Children Should Play Video Games

As a child, if you were into games, you might have been told off by your parents for playing too much video games and giving too much screen time just to move an object around the screen. While they were right about the screen part, they did not have the correct mindset towards gaming as they usually associate gaming with an obsessive hobby which induces aggression from a young age. They failed to see the benefits of gaming and why it is actually a beneficial hobby if practised in a controlled manner.

Gaming , a small part of every child’s day

Here are several reasons which will prove the above-mentioned statement

  • The part where they need to move an object across the screen actually improves the coordination of a child and this provides a lot of mental stimulation.
  • Games often involve pondering and making decisions, often in a split second which improves their decision-making skills.
  • Online games increase their social skills. Games like situs poker online involve interacting with other players and some online shooting games also involve coordinating with other players in order to win.
  • Enhances memory and recalling capacity.
  • Gaming improves attention and concentration. Since the attention of the player is fixated on the moving object all the time, this improves the power of concentration drastically.
  • Games which are aimed at improving cognitive and creative skills actually serve as sources of education for young children.
  • The audial and visual skills of children increase drastically and they can process things much faster than what others can.

  • Lastly, video games are great stress busters. This is especially beneficial for kids later in their life when they need a release from daily stress.

So that sums it up. If practised in the right amounts of time, gaming can be highly beneficial for you.