Why Do True Baseball Players Still Prefer Wooden Bats?

Baseball as a game is loved by many. As children, many of you might have also played this game. If you remember, the bats you used as a kid used to be metal bats. Even Little League matches use metal bats in their games. However in Major League matches, players do not generally use metal bats rather prefer using wooden bats. There are quite a few valid reasons as to why true baseball players still love playing with wooden bats. When you play online games like judi bola, it needs specific strategies to make the best bet and win a game. Similarly playing baseball requires styles and tactics which are often dependent on the bat one is using.

Features of wooden baseball bats:

  • Wooden bats are heavier as compared to aluminum bats.
  • They have fewer sweet spots than metal bats.
  • Wooden baseball bats can be made from either of the types – maple, ash and birch.
  • Maple bats have densely packed grains making them quite hard. These do not flake easily.
  • Ash wood bats are comparatively flexible than maple bats, and tend to flex rather than break.
  • Birch bats combine the strength of maple and flexibility of ash. These bats are safe to play with and tend to break less.

Why true baseball players prefer wooden bats?

  1. Wooden bats need more skill to use, thus making them an ideal choice for pro players.
  2. They are slower to swing and also heavier, thus hitting the ball at slower speeds.
  3. They are also safe to play with because the speed of the ball hit is lesser.
  4. A player needs some serious skills to make the ball get in contact with the sweet spot.
  5. Scoring runs with wooden bats is tougher, thus needing some good practice and mastery over wielding the bat.