World War on Facebook – Online Video Game Review

World War is a casual, online game hosted through the Facebook game platform. World War is very similar to Mafia Wars, Castle Age, and other popular games in this genre. World War on Facebook can best be describe as a casual role-playing game with minor social elements mixed in. And this is a great game to have short rests from enjoying Coklatqq.

World War is a simplistic, military-theme RPG where you buy soldiers and weapons to complete missions which give you money and experience. There are four discrete resources in World War: energy, stamina, health, and goodwill points.

Energy is the primary resource at the beginning of the game. You use energy to complete “Missions” which provide money and grant experience. Somewhat disheartening to non-Facebook RPG players, there is no way for you to “fail” a mission. Every time you click on a mission, you will complete it successfully, use up some energy, and gain experience and money. Completing missions involves clicking a button every two seconds until you run out of energy.

Stamina is used in conjunction with health to complete “Battles”. “Battles” use stamina and require a minimum level of health. Unlike with “Missions”, in “Battles”, the game uses your player stats to determine whether you win or lose. Losing provides no rewards while winning grants experience and money. Your health declines with each “Battle”. If World War was the first game in this genre, the “Battle” feature might be entertaining. Unfortunately this feature is an exact clone of fighting in Mafia Wars and has no differentiating quality.

Goodwill points are the in-game currency that you obtain by spending real money. At this point, I cannot recommend you spend any real money on World War, so the use of goodwill points is moot. Even if you do purchase goodwill points, you will find no unique gameplay. Goodwill points are simply used to purchase more powerful items or engage in decorative functions like name changes.

World War regenerates your energy, stamina, and health based on time regardless if you are logged into the game. Thus the optimal strategy involves logging in, using all your health and stamina, then logging out and waiting for them to regenerate. While this is the same gameplay style encouraged by other games like Mafia Wars, World War does a poor job of enticing a player to login more frequently. There are no bonuses for logging in on consecutive days and there are no special events to generate interest.

World War does have an interesting feature called the “Factory” where you can earn goodwill points by building items and harvesting them in the future. Unfortunately, it costs goodwill points to begin to build items and this feature becomes little more than a small bribe for you to login at periodic intervals to check on the progress of your “Factory”. When you consider that goodwill points are not very useful, the “Factory” becomes much less interesting.

Overall, World War is a mediocre game that offers nothing new in a genre dominated by Mafia Wars. The war theme is nice and the interface is streamlined, but the gameplay is simply too boring and repetitive. There is nothing that separates World War from the dozens of other Mafia War clones and anyone who enjoys a game in this genre would find Mafia Wars much more fun and engaging. I recommend you not waste your time on World War.