“This time it’s a pretty girl” Fortress M releases a new character ‘Code name Marsha’

Seoul–(Newswire) October 06, 2021 — The mobile shooting game ‘Fortress M’ developed and serviced by CCR Contentstree (CEO Im Jong-hwan), a game company, will release a new pretty character ‘Codename Masha’ on the 5th. released.

The code name added this time, Marsha, is the 50th character of Fortress M, and is a humanoid character belonging to the Earth Federation. While living a normal life, she receives a call from Sergeant Lee asking for help to protect the Earth from the Dr. Gero soldiers who invaded Earth, and jumps into the battlefield to support the Earth and the sergeant.

However, the Earthlings were gradually pushed back by the Dark Empire soldiers, and Masha left Earth to stop the Soul Stone, the source of the Dark Soldiers’ power, and arrived at the Fortress World. There, Masha tries to end the war by assassinating Dr. Gero with a sniper rifle.

The skills used by the codename Masha are △ ‘Burning Shooting’, which quickly fires a bullet at a nearby enemy and stuns the enemy △ ‘Fire support’ that burns the enemy by generating flames with bombardment △ ‘Sniper Rifle’ that snipers enemies with a sniper rifle ‘ △ There are four types of ‘vehicle support’ that sends vehicles that can move allies quickly.

On the other hand, as clan wars and large-scale tournaments are frequently held, fortress M naturally gathers with clan members, and there are users who continue to meet in it, raising awareness as a ‘comfort game’.

A person in charge of PR of CCR Contents Tree said, “In that this update is an update of the 50th character beyond the simple addition of a new character, it will satisfy users’ expectations more by strengthening its own service capabilities along with the longevity project service. Together, we are preparing a lot of updates that will feel like a new look in the future, so it would be nice to look forward to the growth of Fortress M.”

As the publishing contract expired, Fortress M recently renewed the contract and also arranged service rights with ‘Fang Sky’. Accordingly, we are preparing for a leap forward and global service for the ‘second heyday’ by strengthening our own development and service capabilities.

More information about Fortress M’s new character, codename, Marsha, can be found on the official community.

CCR Contents Tree Overview

CCR Contents Tree is a subsidiary of CCR, which provides CCR’s game services. CCR is a first-generation domestic company that produces and services the national game ‘Fortress’, which attracted more than 12 million users in the early 2000s. Currently, Fortress (PC version), Fortress M (mobile version), and RF Online (PC version) are in service. Based on the stable domestic service of Fortress M for the past three years, it is preparing for a global service within the fourth quarter of 2021, and is developing an Unreal engine-based MMORPG project as its next work.

Introductory video for the new character ‘Codename Marsha’ (1): https://youtu.be/HI3Cu5o7Hec
Introductory video for the new character ‘Codename Marsha’ (2): https://youtu.be/P32tpZ6haOc
‘Fortress M’ Official Community: https://cafe.naver.com/fortressm

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