‘Dragon Raja Origin’ returns to mobile and enters the Taiwanese game market

Game publishing company Fangsky(Representative Ji Heon-min)is Billion Games Co., Ltd.(Representative Woo Seong-won)Mobile developed by and serviced by MMORPG ‘dragon raja originis going into pre-registration ahead of its Taiwan release. 12day said.

dragon raja originsilver 90Best fantasy novels of the decade dragon rajaintellectual property rights of(IP)mobile using MMORPGall. In addition to the original sensibility, a convenient system optimized for mobile and UIhas been introduced, Acquire the strongest items through exchanges and various dungeons, and experience efficient battles using transformations and pets. MMORPGIt is a work that can enjoy the core contents of.

Dragon Raja Origin has recently been updated with large-scale content and balance updates such as sieges and the Great Labyrinth., We have provided the best service through user-friendly operation., Starting with this entry into Taiwan, dragon raja originwill be presented.

this time dragon raja originThe Taiwan release of is to produce a build released in Korea as a global one-build and release it in Taiwan., the official name is dragon raja originChinese character sign of dragon: origin(Dragon: origin)’am. The service will be handled by Fang Sky.. The release is scheduled to be released in both the Google Store and Apple Store, and pre-registration is only for the Google Store version..

Fang Sky is a game publishing company. 10Other than Dragon Raja Origin as a year-old company, Bestria Biography, God of High School Global, the finder, PC MMORPG ‘Shin Muk-hon online service etc.. Especially Shin Muk-hon onlineis from Taiwan PCgame 9It has shown achievements to rise above.

Fangsky said Taiwan is PC MMORPG ‘Shin Muk-hon online It is a familiar area as it has been introduced through. Through this Dragon Raja Origin’s entry into Taiwan, we have achieved significant results. PCPlans to be reborn as a global publisher covering mobile and mobilesaid.

After launching in Taiwan, Fang Sky has expanded its scope to become a global leader. dragon raja originwill be presented. ‘dragon raja origin(Dragon: origin)’For more information, you can check the official community..

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