Sunday, November 28

Event started to mark the 1st anniversary of the global launch of the idle mobile RPG ‘Non-Stop Game’

SevenPirates(Seven Pirates, representative)is an idle mobile developed and serviced by RPG Global launch of ‘Non-Stop Game’ 1To celebrate the anniversary, we are holding an event 12day said.

Last 4‘Non-Stop Game’ released in Korea in May 5belonging to the dog’s camp 200Gather more than one hero, You can enjoy the fun of collecting and strategy at the same time through the combination composition that considers the characteristics of each hero..

In addition, it is equipped with idle elements such as automatically collecting resources even in offline mode, so anyone can easily enjoy it even in busy daily life..

‘Non-Stop Game’ is a global launch 1coming to the anniversary 26up to day 2Various weekly events are held, Provides rich in-game rewards.

In particular, if you complete a simple mission, you can get the Taekwondo girl character ‘Hongyeon’ skin., during the event 1You can exchange various items in the anniversary shop by collecting anniversary coins..

Meanwhile, ‘Non-Stop Game’ recently SNK Collaboration with popular characters, ‘Benimaru’, ‘Mai Shiranui’, You can meet characters such as ‘Kula Diamond’.

mobile RPG More details about ‘Non-Stop Game’ can be found at the official cafe..

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