Faymon can also be put into an earthly kettle, Genshin 2.3 notice

Mihoyo held a special broadcast today (the 12th) ahead of the 2.3 update. In today’s broadcast, voice actor Lee Sae-ah, who plays the traveler, Kim Young-jun, who plays Albedo, Song Jun-seok, who plays Ito Arataki, and Lee Sae-byeok, who plays Goro, participated. The introduction followed.

Arataki Ito, the first leader of the Oni tribe and Arataki faction, is a five-star rock element two-handed sword character. Normal attacks can attack up to four times in a row, and when the second or fourth attacks hit the enemy, the effect of ‘Nanshin’s Superpower’ is acquired. If you acquire the Nanshin’s Super Strength effect, Ito’s continuous attacks continue without interruption for a certain period of time after using elemental skills or dashes. Also, when there is a stack of Nanshin’s superpower effect, ‘Arataki Kesagiri’, which does not consume stamina, is activated by heavy attacks. Each time Arataki Kesagiri is activated, 1 stack of Nanshin’s strength is consumed, and a more powerful blow is activated when the last stack is consumed. If you use a heavy attack without the Nanshin’s strength stack, it will consume your stamina and launch a blow.

After unlocking the unique characteristic ‘Arataki First’, if you continuously activate Arataki Kesagiri, Ito’s stiffness resistance increases, and his attack speed increases with each attack. When another attribute, ‘Blood of the Red Oni’, is opened, Arataki Kesagiri’s damage increases according to Ito’s defense. In addition, Ito has a unique characteristic ‘Cracked Wood Chips’, which has a certain probability to obtain additional wood when obtaining wood by attacking wood in the field.

The elemental skill ‘Magic Red Devil Enemy Blast’ throws a thunderbolt and inflicts rock damage to the enemy it hits. Wuxi stays on the field for a certain period of time and provokes the enemy, and when the durability drops or the duration expires, it gives 1 stack of Nanshin’s strength and disappears. They are also considered elemental rock creatures and are subject to the effects of elemental skills associated with elemental stone creatures.

When Ito’s elemental explosion, ‘The Worst Demon King Ito Advent’ is activated, Ito’s weapon changes into the Demon King’s golden rod. Normal attack, heavy attack, and fall attack are converted to stone elemental damage that cannot be converted to other elemental effects. When the first and third normal attacks hit, Nanshin’s strength effect is accumulated by 1 stack, and Ito’s attack power increases according to his defense and attack speed increases, but all physical and elemental resistance of Ito is reduced for the duration of the element explosion. Penalties apply.

Goro, the commander of the Watatsumi Army and a 4-star elemental rock bow character, has a skill that gives an additional buff when there is an elemental rock character in the party. The element skill ‘Inuzaka Dog Bang Wonjin’ creates a captain’s flag that gives various buffs in the area depending on the number of rock element characters in the party. When there is one rock element character in the party, the defense of the party members in the area increases, when there are 2 people, rigid resistance is added, and when there are 3 people, additional rock element damage is added to the rigid resistance.

When the elemental explosion ‘Beast-tooth Assault Type Victory Method’ is activated, it inflicts damage in a range of elemental rocks around it and expands the majestic realm of the captain. The Captain’s Magnificent Area provides the same effect as the Captain’s Flag, moves according to the character currently on the field, and inflicts damage to one enemy within the area in a range of elemental rock at regular intervals.

When the attribute ‘Fearless Rainstorm’ is opened, the defense of all characters in the party increases when elemental explosion is activated. Also, when you bring Goro to the party, the ‘Twinkle Discovery Skill’ feature is activated, and the location of Inazuma’s specialty is displayed on the mini map.

Unlike before, in version 2.3, two event origins are opened simultaneously instead of one. In the early part of version 2.3, ‘Breath of Mystery’, the origin of Albedo’s pickup, and ‘The moment the waves hit’, the origin of Yura’s pickup, proceed simultaneously, and the ceiling progress is shared. For example, if you return the prayer at the moment the wave hits, 5 stars will not appear even if you pray 50 times for the mysterious breath prayer. Arataki Ito and Goro appear in the Pickup Origins in late version 2.3.

In version 2.3, the first act of Arataki Ito’s new legendary mission ‘Chapter of the Sky Beef’ opens, and how Ito and other Oni people are doing in Inazuma will be introduced. In addition, Goro and Bukdu’s invitation event will be added as the 4th invitation event album.

In addition, the new two-handed greatsword ‘Red Horn of Crushed Stone’ and the new relics ‘Shell of Abundant Dreams’ and ‘Giant Clam Dyed in the Sea’ will appear in the version 2.3 update. The rich dream shell has a set effect related to defense and rock elements, and the giant seashell dyed in the sea specializes in healing.

In version 2.3, the field boss monster ‘Golden Wolf King’ appears on Tsurumi Island. The golden wolf king, the head of the water wolf, uses the ‘erosion’ ability to continuously decrease the HP of all party members regardless of the shield, and summons the head of the water wolf to protect himself. When the phase is switched, the resistance to rock-type attacks is lowered, but the attack power becomes stronger.

▲ In version 2.3, not only weapons but also relic sets are newly added.

▲ The new field boss, ‘Golden Wolf King’, which appears in Tsurumi Island, has the ability to erode just like the wolf in the water system.

Along with the version update, a winter-themed event ‘Shadow in the Snowstorm’ will also be held. In this event, which is set in Dragon Spine, various battle trainings are conducted in the snowy mountains with Albedo and Yura, and various parts to make a ‘Pongpong Snowman’ can be obtained through the event, and a new 4-star sword can be exchanged for event goods. You can acquire the ‘Pillar of Jin’. Once you have finished making the pom pong snowman, you can take the obtained parts to the earthly kettle and use it.

In another event held in Inazuma, ‘Universal Sango Case Department – Dog Warrior’, you will face the thief who hunted the animals in search of missing animals and the clones of their welcome dog. Since the clone of the welcome dog is quite powerful, it is necessary to temporarily disable it with fireworks, smoke grenades, and the newly added item ‘Nets in all directions’ and then quickly escape to the target area.

When the animal reaches the cage, a battle with bandits occurs, defeating them and rescuing the animal. Upon completion of the event, the ‘nets in all directions’ used in the event are permanently acquired as a simple item, which can be used to copy the shapes of animals in the field and release them into the earthly kettle. In addition, from version 2.3 onwards, Paymon can be placed in the earthly kettle as a companion.

▲ In addition to these rewards, you can get a snowman to put in the earthly kettle at the Shadow in the Blizzard event.

▲ Through the event, let’s get a ‘net in all directions’ that can be used to clone animals wandering in the field and bring them into a worldly kettle.

The enhanced version of the ‘Conversion Disc’ event, which was first introduced in version 1.5, will be introduced in version 2.3. As before, it proceeds in the form of collecting rewards after defeating all enemies strengthened with strange stones at the investigation point.

Unexplored is divided into several difficulty levels, and the more conditions are added, the higher the score that can be obtained when clearing Unexplored. In addition, by using a combination of pieces from the conduction disk, various buffs were used to allow users to challenge difficult and unexplored areas.

Finally, a new adventure unexplored event, ‘Lost City – Frontier Light’s Border’, will be held in version 2.3. In this event, the challenge begins by waking up the ancient runes sleeping in the secret, and when the challenge is completed, the power of the ancient runes is activated. When all the ancient runes are activated, the final challenge begins, and inside the unexplored, there are various selectable blessing devices and trap organs hidden throughout. The Lost City event provides a new experience character. The trial stage also plans to add different conditions than before, so that users can enjoy new challenges.

▲ Use the pieces obtained from the 1st round

▲ The ‘Evangelism Disc-Balmi’ event that overcomes the unexplored difficulty of increasing difficulty by attaching various conditions

▲ The ‘Lost City’ event, which activates ancient runes and explores the unknown to collect all runes, will also be held.

The Genshin version 2.3 update will be applied on November 24, and detailed information about the game can be found through the official cafe.