Happy Birthday, Xbox: Test your knowledge of 20 years of Xbox history!

Happy Birthday, Xbox! Remaining as a strong and established player in the games industry for 20 years is an achievement that few console manufacturers have achieved. Well, on November 15, 2021, to be more precise, the Xbox brand will celebrate exactly this success. Namely, on the same date in 2001, the very first Xbox console was released in America. For the public, the story began with the iconic reveal of Microsoft boss Bill Gates and ex-wrestler and Hollywood star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – some of you may even remember it.

In keeping with the big anniversary, we would like to test your knowledge of the five Xbox consoles and their many exclusive titles in the form of a quiz consisting of 20 questions! We also recommend our current Games-Aktuell podcast, in which co-host Maci chats with our two veterans and Xbox fans Andreas Szedlak and Thomas Szedlak about the many highlights and lows from 20 years of Xbox history. Among other things, Maci will give the two experts the exact same quiz that is available for you here. So if you have always wanted to know whether you are more experienced in the field of the green game giant, as ex-podcast hosts Andi and Thomas, you can easily take part here while you listen to our nostalgic podcast trip into the past! All that remains to be said is: Have fun with the quiz and our special podcast.

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