New competition for YouTube: This platform dares to take the step

New competition is emerging for the overpowering YouTube. (Image source: Unspash)

Patreon would like to set up its own video platform. As the head of the social payment service has now confirmed in an interview, the portal should be open to every user. This creates new competition for YouTube.

Patreon instead of YouTube: new video platform planned

Even if YouTube is an overwhelming competition, a new player wants to establish itself with Patreon. As the head of the company has now confirmed in an interview, exist Plans for your own platform. This is aimed at creators who are already working at Patreon. So far, videos have been integrated externally at Patreon, instead of uploading them directly to the social payment service.

“We’re building a horizontal architecture for every creator, regardless of their medium or upload format, so that they can build a business around their work,” says Patreon CEO Jack Conte, summarizing the plans. Also a own video player it should be. In addition, they hold back with real details. A possible start date for “Patreon Video” has not yet been announced (source: The Verge).

One of the goals is likely to be users to keep more on their own platforminstead of sending them to YouTube or other portals. The dependency on third-party providers can also be reduced by hosting them yourself. The previous cooperation with Vimeo could suffer as a result. Via Vimeo, videos can be integrated with the appropriate settings for Patreon.

Im Video: There is an interesting alternative to the official YouTube app.

Competition for YouTube: can Patreon do it?

YouTube is considered to be Synonymous with videos on the Internet. Not even heavyweights like Facebook managed to build up real competition. Vimeo was also only able to establish itself as a niche product. It should not be easy for Patreon to convince users of their own platform.

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