Sunday, November 28

New content ‘Underground Fighting Arena’ added! White Night Light, Shadows of Night and Fog Update

Tencent Games(Tencent Games)is a tourdog studio(TourDogStudio)A new concept strategy chain developed by and serviced by RPG ‘white night lighthas updated the ‘Shadows of Night and Fog’ event stage. 12day said.

‘Shadows of Night and Fog’ is Coming 29underground fighting arena, man in the fog, The aurorian experience stage is open 12month 2The ‘Path of Glory’ will be opened, a system where you can obtain rewards until the end of the day..

The new content ‘Underground Fighting Arena’ allows users to lead their team and 5You can face off against an enemy team made up of aurians.. normal attack, chain skill, Using active skills, etc., HPcast 0If you make it, you win.

Difficulty level is light, middleweight, Heavyweight Light Guns 3It progresses by level and the ‘fame’ value increases according to the weight class..

The ‘reputation’ you have is earned through the Path of Glory system. 5Castle Event Aurora ‘Pittman’, Can be exchanged for Legendary Aurorian Breakthrough Material and Aurorian Training Material.

In addition, the ‘Elite Monster System’ has been added, which increases the difficulty of battle by significantly increasing special abilities and attributes as normal and boss monsters are affected by ‘Elite Conditions’..

coming with this 12month 23main stage by day 1-16Special case department for users who have completed 3the bullet is open, Upon completion of the mission 4Saint Aurian ‘Tessa’ Costume, When the paid case department is opened and missions are completed 5A costume for Saint Aurian ‘Filish’ will be provided..

In addition to the game 8You can get ‘Shadow Master’s Invitation’ just by logging in daily., touhou fan, plated mirror, You can obtain the Golden Belt of Glory, etc..

Meanwhile, the night polar light is coming 17from day 21G-Star to be held in Busan until Sunday 2021Participated as a brand zone in the Inven booth, To commemorate this, various events will be held through the official community..

first, the company side 17from day 19up to day 3Daily Naver Cafe and Facebook, Provide code clues via Twitter, etc.. Users can receive special rewards by collecting and combining codes by following the clues..

As part of the code collection event during the same period, find the correct code through each clue and write it in the comments to the official community, and you will be drawn into a total 20Gift a character acrylic stand to a person.

In addition, after the full code image was released, the official image SNSIf you share it with us, we plan to give out goods sets and special goods boxes through a lottery..

More details about the game can be found on the official ‘White Night Glow’ cafe..

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