Star Wars: Game by Quantic Dream is said to be set in the “High Republic Era”

Almost two months ago, a rumor spread that the Quantic Dream team was working on a new Star Wars game. The French studio is best known for titles such as Detroit: Become Human or Heavy Rain.

Allegedly, the Star Wars project should differ from the developer’s previous games. Accordingly, there are rumors that revolve around a classic action combat system. So far, Quantic Dream titles could be described as playable films with QTE events.

New leak suggests Star Wars game in the High Republic era

In the Grubbsnax podcast, journalist Jeff Grubb commented on the supposedly new game from Quantic Dream. According to his information, the project is said to be set in the “High Republic” era, which Disney and Lucasfilm introduced at the beginning of the year. The story takes place around 100 years before the events of the original trilogy. Jeff Grubb has also already shared a name: Star Wars Eclipse is the name of the project.

What is the “High Republic” from Star Wars?

To bring a breath of fresh air into the universe of Star Wars, the “High Republic” era was introduced in January 2021. It’s the golden age of the Jedi and the Republic. Looking at the timeline, the events take place hundreds of years before the film trilogies. In the last few months, books and comics about the High Republic have been published in particular.

According to Jeff Grubb, the Quantic Dream game will be used, among other things, to push the era and bring many more players closer to it. Aside from books and comics, no official announcements have been made for other types of media.

The Book of Boba Fett: First trailer for the Star Wars series for Disney Plus

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