With its release, the special game The Riftbreaker immediately got a coveted place in the Steam top sellers. A launch discount and the exciting mix of survival and real-time strategy attracted PC gamers in droves. Now the action game suddenly appears again in the charts. What’s going on there?

The Riftbreaker is a hit on Steam

You shouldn’t have anything from The Riftbreaker have heard, that’s not a big deal. After all, the game is not a huge AAA title and is not promoted by fat marketing campaigns.

Nevertheless, the exciting genre mix of survival, strategy and role-playing elements is very popular among PC gamers on Steam. The ratings of the game speak for themselves, because the over 6,000 reviews award the overall rating “Very positive”.

Maybe the action-packed game could be something for you too Trailer zu The Riftbreaker betray:

Return to the top seller

So why is the indie game from developer Exor Studios back on the Steam charts? Attractive discounts, content updates or simply the first publication often cause enough attention to boost sales on the gaming platform. But that is not the case here.

Maybe that has surprising comeback in the German bestseller with a recently published YouTube-Video von Hand of Blood to do. He has uploaded a gameplay comment in which he praises the action game in high tones. Certainly enough reason for many to give the game a chance.

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The survival hit The Riftbreaker surprisingly fights its way into the Steam top sellers again. The wild mix of survival, strategy and RPG seems to have hit a real nerve with PC gamers.