Twitch for the Switch – Popular streaming service finally available!

The Nintendo Switch is making great strides towards its fifth birthday. A lot of great console games have appeared in recent years. Metroid Dread and Mario Party Superstars are among the big new releases of the last few months.

What many users still lack with the Switch are useful apps. Above all, various streaming services have been requested by many buyers for years.

Die Twitch-Switch-App

The whole thing is now changing at least a little, as Twitch, another major streaming provider, is finding its way onto the Nintendo console.

Suitable for the Nintendo Switch (buy now 355.90 €) Twitch is primarily about games, but a lot of other content is also available there. The selection of streamable content that can be accessed directly via the switch is growing significantly.

It should be noted here that in order to be able to use the chat during a live stream, you still need the smartphone app and use it to scan a QR code from the switch. Then the stream can be watched on the switch and interacted with the chat via smartphone.

When does Twitch appear for the Switch?

The answer is simple: yesterday! The Twitch app appeared as a complete surprise on November 11th, 2021 in the Nintendo eShop and has since been freely available to all users to download. From now on, Twitch’s live streams and recordings can be accessed both on TV and on the go via the Switch app.

Streaming auf Nintendo Switch

Many users would like more choice of streaming content on the console, as the hybrid concept of the switch would be perfect for this. Enjoying content on both the large TV and the small switch display simply has its advantages.

Just think of the terrible moment that you have to go to the toilet at the exact moment when your favorite series is just about to reach its exciting climax. You just can’t pause at such a point, but you don’t have to with the Switch either, as you can simply take it with you in handheld mode.

What streaming services are there for the Switch?

This question is more difficult to answer than you might think at first glance. Various streaming services are already available on the switch, but unfortunately not with us.

The USA-exclusive streaming service Hulu, for example, has its own app for the Switch. Logically we cannot use this in Europe because the whole service is not available here. Anime fans also get their money’s worth thanks to the Funimation app for the Switch, provided they live outside of Germany. Funimation is not exclusive like Hulu USA, but also works in other countries, but not with us.

In addition to Youtube, which got a switch implementation some time ago, unfortunately we haven’t had much choice so far. Twitch is finally catching up on this and is adding a lot of content to the switch. However, there is still no trace of popular services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Speaking of Netflix, it’s all about video games right now. For example, the League of Legends series Arcane got off to an extremely successful start and was even able to push the previous ruler, Squid Game, from the release throne.

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