Charging e-cars while shopping: More stores are taking off

The expansion of the charging infrastructure for e-cars is an important step on the way to nationwide e-mobility. E-car drivers will soon be able to look forward to a large number of new charging stations. Rewe and Penny plan to go one step further when it comes to expansion.

Rewe and Penny are planning hundreds of new charging stations

Together with the energy supplier EnBW, the Rewe Group is planning the Expand the charging network for e-cars. The concept is already known from other providers, such as Aldi and Lidl. However, it is still unclear whether Rewe and the Penny markets will also offer free shops.

What is certain: On at least 400 markets The Rewe Group is to have new charging stations by 2024. In addition to the Rewe and Penny stores owned by the company itself, charging stations are also being built on rental properties (source: Rewe Group). A total of 2,000 new charging points are planned.

Among other things, you want to Fast charging technology with up to 300 kW set. The fast charging stations come from EnBW and should be able to charge a range of up to 100 km in five minutes, depending on the electric car. Planning for the first 100 locations will start this year, and electric car drivers will be able to charge at some of the Rewe Group’s stores by 2022 (source: EnBW). 12 charging points are planned for each store.

With currently almost 26,000 charging stations in Germany, the share of Rewe and Penny would definitely be significant. The Rewe Group wants to do this by the end of 2024 provide a total of 6,000 charging points.

It is also a right high proportion of fast chargers to be expected, even if it is not precisely quantified. “After a short shopping trip of 20 to 30 minutes, I get back to my charged vehicle with enough charge for the next one to two weeks”, Timo Sillober from EnBW assesses the use. That speaks for a decent capacity of the charging stations.

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Charging an e-car at Rewe: costs not yet known

In addition to the practical use of being able to spend the waiting time when loading with shopping, is the price is decisive, which drivers of an e-car have to pay at Rewe or Penny. But it has not yet been announced. Loading for free, as offered by Aldi and Lidl, should sooner or later become obsolete.